Deck of the Day – The Shock Factor

Irencrag Feat (Throne of Eldraine) Art by Yongjae Choi

Hello and welcome to our first Deck of the Day! Each day we will feature a deck that are either user submitted from the community or really interesting ones we scoured from other sources. If you would like your deck to be showcased here, you can do so via any of the three ways:

  • Use the Submit Deck page – the more detailed the description, the better!
  • Come to our Discord and message us
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Today’s deck was submitted by Brandon Revell, which he dubs “The Shock Factor” and describes it as the following:

Slow burn to knock out the first wave of creatures or deal some damage to the face then a strong finisher that can be pulled of turn 5 or 6 consistently. The heavy hitters of this deck will render most decks speechless when they take 13 damage to the face and have their creatures wiped from the board.

This is a mono red burn deck that features Irencrag Feat and using that seven mana to cast Sundering Stroke or Drakuseth, Maw of Flames (after sideboarding). Card advantage is a big deal especially for mono red, and using a combination of two cards to achieve something average is something I generally shy away from. Drawing only one of the two means them being stuck in your hand doing nothing. Still, this is something I always wanted to try since Throne of Eldraine was spoiled so I decided to give this deck a go as its current form on the Traditional Constructed event for fun.

Game 1: Vs. Dimir Control

This was a pretty uneventful match. The opponent was playing a mill deck that featured Overwhelmed Apprentice and Merfolk Secretkeeper as their enablers for cards like Drown in the Loch. This was bad news as we had cards like Scorch Spitter that could not attack into them, but our deck is not heavily focused on creatures so it was something that potentially could have been overocme.

First game we were stuck on three lands and a couple of Sundering Stroke we were probably never going to cast. The opponent also had Narset, Partner of Veils so our Risk Factor was almost useless there as well. We had two Torbrans, and the opponent had Murderous Rider for each of them. The second game was pretty similar, as the opponent wiped our board with Cry of the Carnarium and even had Enter the God-Eternals to put us even further behind.

Result: 0-2

Game 2: Vs. Jund Sacrifice

We thought this matchup was going to be the end of it, but somehow we pulled ahead with close victories. The three colored mana base hurt the opponent with shocklands on the games that we won, as we burnt our enemy away. Korvold, Fae-Cursed King was a beating but somehow we pulled ahead with a timely Drakuseth in combination with Torbran which the opponent had no answers for. We also achieved the dream of Torbran and two Spear Spewer to repeatedly deal 6 damage!

Result: 2-1

Game 3: Vs. Izzet Flash

For both games, we started off with a one drop and a Runaway Steam-Kin which the opponent neither had a timely Shock or Bonecrusher Giant for. We barraged them with spells, and using Risk Factor at the end of the turn was really good against them.

Result: 2-0

Game 4: Vs. Simic Flash

The opponent was playing the slower version of Simic Flash which means the games were in our favor. The first game ended in four turns as we went first and drew early creatures that they had no answers for until the fourth turn Frilled Mystic. The Irencrag combo is really bad against them but our options were limited against them in the sideboard. Second game our draw was very average and lost pretty swiftly to a Nightpack Ambusher as our Torbran was met with Aether Gust. Third game was even more ordinary as we drew too many lands and not enough action as our opponent curved into Nissa, Who Shakes the World.

Result: 1-2

Final Result: 2-2

We went 2-2 but I was surprised at how mono red is still decently positioned in the MTG Arena metagame, beating Izzet Flash and Jund Sacrifice in the process – with a more refined decklist it could definitely perform better. Another card that I forgot about until now was Risk Factor, which was decent against the Flash decks. There was also a point that I realized Irencrag Feat allows you to cast only one more spell after it, which was a costed us a game as well so watch out for that!



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