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DreamHack Anaheim 2020 Arena Open Decklists – Top 16 and Metagame Breakdown

Here are all 94 Standard constructed decks for DreamHack Anaheim 2020 Arena Open! This is a three day Standard tournament open to all players with a ticket to DreamHack Anaheim, with a $100,000 prize pool and the winner gets a ticket to the big Mythic Invitational in May. Visit our tournament information hub here to see all the information in one place, including live coverage!

Keep an eye out on this page as we add all 94 decklists, updated standings and records throughout the tournament.

Top 16

Congratulations to Aaron Gertler (littlebeep) for making the perfect metagame call full of Azorius Control and taking home to trophy, $30,000 (which he will be donating half of!) and a ticket to the Mythic Invitation in May with his Temur Adventures deck! He has been consistently reaching the heights of the Mythic ladder with the deck, and his expertise was the key to his success. The top 16 was a double elimination bracket, consisting of high profile players such as Hall of Famer Shuehei Nakamura, MagicFest winner Dylan Nollen and Players Tour Phoenix Top 8 players Allen Wu and Austin Bursavich. The top 16 consisted of:

  • 8 Azorius Control
  • 3 Jeskai Fires
  • 1 Jund Sacrifice
  • 1 Mono Red Aggro
  • 1 Sultai Ramp
  • 1 Temur Adventures
  • 1 Temur Reclamation
RankingPlayer NameDeck NamePrize
16NeverenderSultai Ramp$1,400
15shuhei nakamuraAzorius Control$1,400
14RageTemur Reclamation$1,400
13JimDavisMTGAzorius Control$1,400
12TyrantAzorius Control$1,400
11JeiJund Sacrifice$1,400
10BayneAzorius Control$1,400
09 TalionAzorius Control$1,400
08Jaberwocki#29193Azorius Control$3,750
07zkiihneJeskai Fires$3,750
06Ni Hao DylanMono Red Aggro$3,750
05Daniel Garcia-RosasJeskai Fires$3,750
04nalkpasAzorius Control$8,000
03PercsAlert#95448Azorius Control$8,000
02ZapgazeJeskai Fires$15,000
01littlebeepTemur Adventures$30,000

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Metagame Breakdown

ArchetypeNumber of Decks% of Decks
Azorius Control2728.7%
Jeskai Fires2021.3%
Mono Red Aggro1718.1%
Jund Sacrifice44.3%
Simic Ramp44.3%
Temur Adventures33.2%
Temur Reclamation33.2%
Bant Ramp22.1%
Esper Control22.1%
Gruul Aggro22.1%
Jeskai Walkers22.1%

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