MTG Arena Zone Forums Now Open – Again!

The MTG Arena Community Forums are back! About six months ago, we briefly opened and closed the forums after a trial and this time we are ready to give it another crack. We want to create a fostering community and emphasize on the “Gathering”, where we can help and get to know each other in the digital world.

We also have an active Discord channel where you can chat to each other live, but these forums will also serve as a content platform where we post and discuss card spoilers, have a Q&A, post decks, strategies, guides and much more. You can find the forums in the main menu by clicking “Community” or “Forums” in the submenu.

Be sure to Register or Login to the website first!

We will expand the forums as we go and flesh it out with more member features. In the mean time, if you are interested in helping it grow and moderate the forums, please contact us via Discord or the Contact form.

We’ll see everybody there!

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