Explore All Deck Archetypes in Our New Section!

Due to popular demand, you can now see all the different deck archetypes on one page:

For now, you can also find the link in the menu under “Metagame” and “Decks“. The numbers in brackets represent the number of decks in that archetype. These archetypes do not necessarily mean that they are currently legal in their respective formats either, for example Bant Food is one from the past Standard rotation that was popular when Oko, Thief of Crowns was still legal (ahhh, the memories…).

Do keep in mind over the next few days we will be cleaning these up, adding images and reassigning decks to their correct homes. We hope to eventually introduce a filter option by format, archetype (e.g. combo, aggro, etc) and colors (azorius, bant, etc). For now, please use the “find” option in your browser (CTRL + F).

There’s a lot of decks to get through and clean up, so if you have any feedback please let us know here so we can create a great page where people can find what they want easily.

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