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Free MTG Arena Code “GameKnights” for the Avenging Angels Beginner’s Deck

A free beginner’s deck for MTG Arena has been released by the YouTube channel The Command Zone, with a “How to Play” video to introduce more players to the game! Redeem the code GameKnights to add the entire Avenging Angels deck to your collection. It is a black and white deck with a Kaldheim Clerics and Angels lifegain theme. Below is the full decklist:

[sd_deck deck=”uSWZrDCEa”]

Please note, as with similar promotions in the past, the code is aimed for new players and it will only add cards to your collection that you didn’t already have. Here are the rares and mythic rares included in the deck for your reference:

  • 1 Lumniarch Aspirant
  • 1 Righteous Valkyrie
  • 1 Taborax, Hope’s Demise
  • 1 Firja’s Retribution
  • 1 Valkyrie Harbinger
  • 1 Shineshadow Snarl
  • 1 Starnheim Unleashed

To redeem MTG Arena codes, head to the Store section of the game and copy and paste the code into the field on the top right hand side of the screen. Alternatively for mobile users, log in to your Wizards Account using a web browser and click on the “Code Redemption” tab. For a full list of free MTG Arena codes, click on the link below for our guide:

Deck Upgrade Suggestions

While the deck itself is slightly better than the ones you get from the tutorial, it can definitely be streamlined and upgraded with better cards, even at the common and uncommon level. Our budget Orzhov Clerics deck is probably the closest option for Avenging Angels that has a Cleric tribal and lifegain theme, that cares much more about building a board state and the synergy between cards rather than individually powerful cards:

[sd_deck deck=”c__aJ2-d8″]



  • -4 Soulmender
  • -4 Hallowed Priest
  • -4 Professor of Symbology
  • -4 Grffin Aerie
  • -4 Scoured Barrens

If you are a beginner, be sure to check out our budget deck section, for a more variety of decks and upgrade suggestions like this that you can use to compete in the ladder:

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