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Elvish Mystic

Full Explorer Anthology 1 and Historic Anthology 6 Card List Leaked from Datamine

As the official MTG Arena Twitter account drips players with card arts from the upcoming Historic Anthology 6 and Explorer Anthology 1 sets before its full reveal later tomorrow, and so far officially today, Mausoleum Wanderer, Elvish Mystic, Ophiomancer, and Laelia, the Blade Reforged have been revealed. Players have now taken the job to themselves and dug up the game files and datamine the full card list:

The message initially spread from MTGGoldfish’s stream (original clip), and not long after this list was leaked, Elvish Mystic was revealed. Multiple players have now confirmed these cards to be in the current game files so we can say with almost certainty that this could be the final list for tomorrow. Of course, the patch could prove different and the list could change at any moment. Let’s take a look and speculate regardless!

Explorer Anthology 1

The first Explorer Anthology list has some solid archetype staples, but still missing a few such as Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. It looks to pushing the Heroic archetype a bit with multiple cards for it.

Card NameOriginal Set
Favored HopliteTheros
Rally the AncestorsFate Reforged
Ensoul ArtifactMagic 2015 Core Set
Mausoleum WandererEldritch Moon
Kalitas, Traitor of GhetOath of the Gatewatch
Shadowborn ApostleMagic 2014 Core Set
Tainted RemedyMagic Origins
Alesha, Who Smiles at DeathFate Reforged
Searing BloodBorn of the Gods
Temur Battle RageFate Reforged
Titan's StrengthTheros
Back to NatureMagic 2015 Core Set
Elvish MysticMagic 2015 Core Set
Tireless TrackerShadows over Innistrad
Battlewise HopliteTheros
Siege RhinoKhans of Tarkir
Slaughter GamesReturn to Ravnica
Supreme VerdictReturn to Ravnica
Hangarback WalkerMagic Origins
Darksteel CitadelMagic 2015 Core Set

Historic Anthology 6

The set has a minor artifact theme going on, though it does seem odd that 10 of the card slots are occupied by the common artifact dual lands that might just see play in Historic Pauper. The list otherwise looks quite tame. Could these be replaced by fetchlands instead? One can only hope!

Card NameOriginal Set
Avacyn, Angel of HopeAvacyn Restored
Phyrexian MetamorphNew Phyrexia
Night of Souls' BetrayalChampions of Kamigawa
OphiomancerCommander Collection: Black
Laelia, the Blade ReforgedCommander 2021
Go-Shintai of Life's OriginNeon Dynasty Commander
TarmogoyfUltimate Masters
Glimpse the UnthinkableRavnica: City of Guilds
Chalice of the VoidMirrodin
Retrofitter FoundryCommander 2018
Darkmoss BridgeModern Horizons 2
Goldmire BridgeModern Horizons 2
Drossforge BridgeModern Horizons 2
Mistvault BridgeModern Horizons 2
Razortide BridgeModern Horizons 2
Rustvale BridgeModern Horizons 2
Silverbluff BridgeModern Horizons 2
Slagwoods BridgeModern Horizons 2
Tanglepool BridgeModern Horizons 2
Thornglint BridgeModern Horizons 2

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