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Hall of Fame Member Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa Joins MTG Arena Zone!

Hall of Fame Member Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa Joins MTG Arena Zone!

Hello everyone! We are extremely excited to tell you that the illustrious Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa is joining MTG Arena Zone. Every week, our Premium community will get access to new exclusive articles and guides and Discord channels.

To give you a bit of what to expect, we will be reposting his articles already published on his newsletter for everybody to enjoy (of course, no subscription required). Depending on the level of feedback, we hope to bring you better content and offer more services, especially for our competitively minded audience.


Paulo (also shorthanded to PVDDR) is a Brazilian professional Magic player who has been playing the game professionally since 2003 at the World Championship in Berlin and a win in 2020.

Though it’s almost 20 years later, PVDDR is functionally the only player ever to have remained at the very top of competitive play for that long of a time frame.

He is considered one of the top 5 players of all time with many placing him higher at top 3 or even simply the best player to ever play the game.


Paulo’s Magic resume is easily one of the most impressive in Magic with a long list of achievements including:

  • 19 Grand Prix Top 8s with 2 wins
  • 17 Pro Tour Level Top 8s with 2 wins which is tied for highest amount of top 8s ever
  • 8 Worlds Appearances with 1 win in 2020
  • Elected to the Magic Hall of Fame in 2012 as the first South American player to ever receive this honor
  • 2 Top 8s at the Brazilian National Tournaments, both of them resulting in wins
  • Player of the Year in 2017
  • Highest life time earnings ever
  • Youngest player to reach a lifetime of 300 Pro Points

With such a storied history, Paulo has an unfathomable wealth of knowledge that we are elated that he’s willing to share with our Premium readers.

If you want strategy content or deck guides of the absolute highest caliber, Paulo is the best source around with practical Magic knowledge, stunning strategic depth, and well rounded skills that make his content a vital asset to any competitive player’s arsenal.

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