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Historic Anthology 7

Historic Anthology 7 – Card Spoilers, Release Date, and More

Everything you need to know about MTG Arena's Historic Anthology 7 set, including a complete card list, details, guides, and more.

The seventh instalment of the Historic Anthology series of cards is coming to MTG Arena on July 18, 2023. It adds 25 curated cards from Magic’s past to the Historic format only. In this guide, you’ll find all of the information we currently have available concerning Historic Anthology 7, including all of the cards that have been revealed so far.

Set Details and Overview

  • Duration: The Historic Anthology 7 bundle will be available on MTG Arena for purchase starting from July 18, 2023 to October 10, 2023.
  • Cost: Just as with the previous Historic Anthology bundles, players can purchase the complete set (4 of each card) as a bundle from the in-game Store for 4,000 Gems or 25,000 Gold during the limited time period or or they can be individually crafted using Wildcards.
  • Historic Anthology 7 is being released at the same time, which will also be Historic legal.

Review and Decks

Coming soon!

Historic Anthology 7 Cards

Card NameOriginal Set
Giver of RunesModern Horizons
Sun TitanMagic 2011
Frost TitanMagic 2011
Vendilion CliqueMorningtide
Echoing DecayDarksteel
Grave TitanMagic 2011
UnearthUrza’s Legacy
Inferno TitanMagic 2011
Tribal FlamesInvasion
Acidic SlimeMagic 2010
Primeval TitanMagic 2011
Tooth and NailMirrodin
Wild NacatlShards of Alara
Bloodbraid ElfAlara Reborn
MortarpodMirrodin Besieged
Sword of fire and IceDarksteel
Wayfarer's BaubleFifth Dawn
Worn PowerstoneUrza's Saga
Fiery IsletModern Horizons
Nurturing PeatlandModern Horizons
Silent ClearingModern Horizons
Sunbaked CanyonModern Horizons
Waterlogged GroveModern Horizons

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