Historic Selesnya Humans Deck Guide

Historic Selesnya Humans Deck Guide: Master Historic’s Best Aggro Deck

Looking for the next best Historic deck? PVDDR has you covered with his take on Selesnya Humans! Find out what makes Humans so good, what the best list is, and how to sideboard in the most common matchups!

Historic is in a very interesting place right now - we had one major Historic tournament (the New Capenna Championship in May 2022), but then there were several changes to the format with no tournaments whatsoever to draw data from. First, we had Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate cards, that came with a batch of nerfs and buffs, and finally the new Explorer and Historic Anthologies. It’s clear that the format has changed, but it’ll be hard to figure out which direction it’s going exactly until we have at least some data to draw from - Historic ladder is notoriously fickle, so you really need a tournament or two to know what’s going on.

In Historic, I think the nerf to the two best decks in the format might be the biggest change we’ve had in ages. For several months, I believe the format had two best decks - Golgari Food and Izzet Phoenix, and though you wouldn’t necessarily be able to tell on ladder, these decks were a bit oppressive to the format as a whole because they were simply better than the other stuff.

With the nerfs to A-Cauldron Familiar, A-The Meathook Massacre, A-Dr...

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Paulo Vitor "PVDDR" Damo da Rosa has been a professional Magic: the Gathering player and writer for over 20 years. He was Player of the Year in 2017, World Champion in 2020, and is tied for most Top Finishes in history with 17. He will play whichever decks he thinks are the best, but his favorite style is aggro-control. Other than Magic, PV is also a fan of watching TV shows, reading fantasy novels and playing several other games such as Bridge, LoL, TFT, Storybook Brawl, Baldur's Gate 2 and Diablo 2.

Articles: 17