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Hooglandia Historic Open – Metagame, Decklists, and Results

This has been a busy weekend for the Historic format, with both the F2K United Invitational tournament and the Hooglandia Historic Open taking place, along with the Historic qualifier for the upcoming Insight Esports Tier 1 tournament on July 31st. The weekend’s tournaments have been a great showcase of the new Historic meta in the wake of Historic Anthology 5 and the recent banning of Thassa’s Oracle.

The Hooglandia Open Series is known for putting a spotlight on unique decks in their coverage, so we’re sure to find some interesting lists in the metagame. The format for the event was a double elimination tournament which took place this Sunday, May 30th. Without further ado, let’s dig into the meta and results!

Hooglandia Historic Open Metagame

ArchetypeNumber of DecksPercentage of FieldWinrate
Grixis Control86.25%42.3077%
Jeskai Control (Kaheera)75.4688%59.375%
Mono-Black Aggro64.6875%75%
Four-color Reanimator64.6875%25%
Rakdos Arcanist (Lurrus)43.125%72.2222%
Izzet Phoenix43.125%36.3636%
Gruul Aggro43.125%65.2174%
Boros Midrange43.125%65%
Boros Tokens43.125%60%
Jeskai Turns43.125%61.9048%

Although this meta includes several of the usual top players in Historic such as Izzet Pheonix, Jeskai Control, and Arcanist decks, we can also see a number of new and lesser known decks that haven’t shown up much in high level tournaments. In particular, Grixis Control and Mono Black Aggro were present in force despite both archetypes seeing virtually no play in other recent events. Additionally, the new Four Color Reanimator archetype was well represented; the deck typically looks to cheat the new-to-Historic praetors such as Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite into play with Unburial Rites and similar effects. Overall, the meta was remarkably well balanced with no single archetype making up more than 7% of the field.

Unfortunately, the Four color Reanimator decks, which have caused a lot of excitement since Historic Anthology 5 was released, performed quite poorly overall with only a 25% winrate in non-mirror matchups. The combo is quite easily disrupted and the deck doesn’t seem to have a well-functioning backup plan if the opponent counters the reanimate spell or comes prepared with graveyard hate, which continues to be important in Historic sideboards because of Izzet Phoenix in particular. It’s interesting to note that Phoenix decks did not perform well in this tournament despite the archetype’s reputation as one of the best in Historic. This is probably due at least in part to the prevalence of other fast aggro decks in this meta that can run sideboard answers for graveyard strategies, including the newly added Modern staple Relic of Progenitus.

Top-performing archetypes in the Hooglandia Open include Rakdos Arcanist, sporting an impressive 72% winrate, and Mono Black Aggro, which had an even better 75% winrate and took first place at the event in the hands of Dutch player René van Hoorn. Please see below for the Top 10 players along with their decklists. Full results from the tournament can be found at MTGMelee.

Hooglandia Historic Open Top 10

Finishing PlacePlayerHistoric DeckOverall Record
1René van HoornMono Black Aggro10-1-0
2wannabebeatleGruul Aggro9-2-0
3Sleeping PillJeskai Turns8-2-0
4Nico UMono Black Aggro7-2-0
5Garrison FogtJeskai Control7-2-0
6Ashkan PaykarRakdos Arcanist6-2-0
7Alexander MickloAzorius Spirits6-2-0
8Tom MaxwellMono Black Aggro6-2-0
9Tom PullingerFive Color Niv-Mizzet5-2-0
10KrackenNullBoros Midrange5-2-0

Top 10 Decklists

[sd_deck deck=”XwXcNYLuZ”]

[sd_deck deck=”Thl8XeLjt”]

[sd_deck deck=”D_dgLREJH”]

[sd_deck deck=”M0gfPdFot”]

[sd_deck deck=”265p6ocgP”]

[sd_deck deck=”ZXBuvJ-FB”]

[sd_deck deck=”zwkhqlX5E”]

[sd_deck deck=”2v46jb7Mg”]

[sd_deck deck=”LfowZPSGf”]

[sd_deck deck=”-OxiOHPDq”]

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