Jaffer's Cheese Emporium Open

Jaffer’s Cheese Emporium Open Top 8 Standard Decklists

The best time of Magic: The Gathering is the first week of a new set before the metagame rears its head. This weekend we’ve had some fun casual tournaments take place for players to show off their latest Kaldheim Standard brews and see how the new cards perform.

Streamer Jaffer hosted a free to enter event with some cash prizes with 76 players enrolling and as expected, players brought a wide variety of decks. The first place went to a Mono White Ugin deck featuring the awesome new board wipe Doomskar, amongst other existing strategies that got stronger with new Kaldheim cards.

Below we have the top 8 decklists from the tournament and you can also check out all the decklists and metagame information on MTG Melee using the below link.

Jaffer’s Cheese Emporium Open

Welcome to JafferMTG’s First Open tournament!

This will be the first of many more monthly tournaments! Come compete with your new Kaldheim brews in this unknown Standard meta! To help introduce the new Standard, here is your first Kaldheim tournament!

  • This is meant to be a fun event to introduce the new set! Have fun!
  • Communication with moderators and other players (outside of matches) will be done through the Discord server.
  • Format: Standard Best of 3
  • The tournament starts at 1 PM CST
  • Registration ends 30 minutes before the start of the event
  • There will be prizes for the top 4 players!


  • Participants of this event are encouraged to join the Discord server in case if their match is asked to be streamed.
  • Streaming your run on the event? Let us know!
  • There will be coverage of this event on JafferMTG’s channel.

Top 8 Decklists

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