July 2021 Arena Open Day 1 Standard Decklists

The Arena Open - Day 1 7 Wins October 2020

The first day of the Arena Open tournament is now underway! In this iteration of the tournament, players can reach 7 wins before 3 losses in a best-of-one (BO1) Standard format or 4 wins before 1 loss in best-of-three (BO3) to receive a token to compete in the second day for their chance to win up to $2000 USD in cash prizes.

In this page, we will be posting all the known decks that reach the maximum win record here. Due to the large amount of decks, duplicate decklists may not be added.

We will continue to add decks on this page throughout the day as we find them, so check back often if you are pondering what to play. Be sure to follow and tag us on Twitter at @mtgazone to submit your decklist and get live updates!

BO1 7 Win Standard Decklists

BO3 4 Win Standard Decklists


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