J:HH Combos – New Turn 2 Kill in Historic

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The upcoming direct-to-Arena set Jumpstart: Historic Horizons will be bringing a slew of cards from Modern Horizons and Modern Horizons 2 into the Historic format on August 12, along with 31 cards that are brand new to Magic and designed specifically for digital play.

With Historic brewers thinking about how all of these new cards will interact with existing cards in the format, there are bound to be a few new and interesting combos and interactions that come forward. Combo decks haven’t been popular in Historic since the banning of Thassa's Oracle and later Time Warp, but perhaps Jumpstart: Historic Horizons can bring combo decks back into the format.

One such combo that players have already noticed is an improvement to a potential turn 2 combo that players noticed in Standard during the previews for Adventures in the Forgotten Realms. Minion of the Mighty is a relatively new card from AFR that can cheat a dragon into play if its controller attacks with total power 6 or greater.

Some players noticed that casting two copies of Infuriate targeting Minion of the Mighty was enough to get its power to 6, allowing the player to cheat out Terror of Mount Velus– resulting in a total of 22 damage in one attack on turn 2. The problem with this combo was that it required having four very specific cards in hand, two of which being Infuriate, and it was nowhere near consistent enough to be a competitive deck.


Now however, Jumpstart: Historic Horizons is about to add a new, Historic only piece to this combo: Scale Up. Scale Up is a one mana sorcery that essentially does all of the work of both copies of Infuriate from the original combo, setting Minion of the Mighty’s power to 6 with just one card.

Whether this combo turns out to actually be a viable strategy is still very much up in the air; even with one card less than the Standard version, it still requires three specific cards in hand to execute the turn 2 kill. It seems likely that a deck built around this combo will need to have a backup plan that is strong enough to compete with other decks in the Historic format, as it will be virtually impossible to execute the turn 2 kill every game.

Perhaps the biggest argument for trying this combo in Historic is the fact that Scale Up is a much more playable card on its own than Infuriate. Gruul decks have been popular on and off in Historic thanks to the power of cards like Burning-Tree Emissary and Atarka's Command. While Minion of the Mighty still seems like a pretty bad card on its own, Scale Up is decidedly a significant upgrade to Infuriate.

It’s also worth noting that Gruul decks in Historic sometimes play other powerful dragons that might potentially play well with Minion of the Mighty, such as Glorybringer. However, Gruul hasn’t been very popular in Historic in recent weeks, and the decks that do well have been much more focused on small, aggro creatures rather than midrange threats like dragons.

Perhaps a hyper-aggressive, low to the ground shell makes more sense for this combo anyways, as Scale Up pairs best with small creatures that don’t have much attacking power on their own. Only time and many games played will tell if this combo is something that’s worth playing on the ladder or more competitive venues. Either way, it definitely seems like fun to jank an opponent out on turn 2 with this ridiculous interaction.


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11 Responses

  1. Ryan D says:

    Wow, wait, that says if you attack with creatures, as in more than one, so don’t think that works with just him. But also, better not try that against a burn or control deck.

    • DoggertQBones says:

      It’s confusing but it can be one creature and it works

      • Mikell Czermendy says:

        Gotta love these combos designed to make an actual game of Magic not happen.

        • Yug says:

          Gotta love that thoughtseize and inquisition are there to stop it from going off as well as much more efficiently ruining far more “games” of magic. Three card t2 combos are exciting, mulling down to 6 and getting hit by “B: Turn game into non-game” is the kind of thing that makes people consider hearthstone.

          • gunbeef says:

            dont keep hands that lose to discard. i bet you complained about thought erasure back in grn standard

          • Grim says:

            Also pretty much any 1-2 cost instant answer could be used in response to scale up

  2. Zafarion says:

    At first, this combo seemed worse than Tibalt’s Trickery combo because it can be interrupted in more ways – now killing the kobold in response – and the need of 3 cards (I don’t really consider the 3th card because any dragon in hand entering board too early can be a pain to interact). But trickery combo relies ONLY in the combo and is not 100% effective when triggered. This new one can work in a decent gruul aggro, who knows..

    I also want to report that after a couple of minutes with the site tab open, it is crashing google chrome tab. I suspect the ADs.

  3. Brett says:

    Perfect add on to my Dragon Storm deck. which with the right hand is already an 1 to 2 turn game ender.

    • Brett says:

      4 Descent of the Dragons
      4 Kokusho, the Evening Star
      4 Pyretic Ritual
      4 Rite of Flame
      4 Hunted Dragon
      4 Seething Song
      4 Dragonstorm
      4 Desperate Ritual
      4 Bogardan Hellkite
      4 Rorix Bladewing
      1 Mana-Charged Dragon
      1 Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund
      1 Atarka, World Render

  4. Jaquio says:

    This all relies on an opponent being unable to kill/counterspell that minion the moment it hits the field. Smart players have direct damage in their decks, somewhere just for instances like that. There’s no combo if there’s no minion.

    • Lloyd Lineske says:

      I can’t back this statement up. “Smart players have direct damage.” Not all colors have access to direct damage. Statement should read. Smart players have a way to stop early creatures from attacking. Weather it be something like Portable Hole, Brazen Borrower, etc.