July Strixhaven League Weekend – MPL Historic Decklists and Metagame

Magic Pro League

This month marks the final Strixhaven League Weekend, which will determine the final MPL and Rivals League standings going into the World Championship XXVII. As with previous league weekends, the event featured both the Standard and Historic format. See below for details on the Historic Metagame in the Magic Pro League:

MPL Historic Metagame

MPL Historic Decklists

Note that final results will not be posted from Wizards of the Coast until Tuesday, July 6.

Mono White Auras - Budget Historic Deck
Mono White Auras – Budget Historic Deck

Ok so I know what you're thinking, 9 rares is hardly a budget deck, especially when the rares don't transfer to any other strategy beyond . Well, you're 100% right, but I have good reasons for including this deck. One, 9 Rares is really nothing in terms of a Historic deck where there can



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