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Magic The Gathering The Visual Guide

Magic The Gathering The Visual Guide (Major Dominaria United Story Spoilers)

Magic The Gathering The Visual Guide is now available for preorder, and is due to be released on December 6, 2022. A book written by Wizards of the Coast loremaster Jay Annelli, it is set to guide readers on the stories of the key characters and settings of MTG.

Explore the planes of magic on a spellbinding journey of discovery

Magic: The Gathering is a fantastical Multiverse of mystical beings, fabled realms, and mythical creatures. Dominating all are the mighty sorcerers known as planeswalkers. To be a planeswalker is to be powerful beyond measure—a wizard who can bend magic to their will and step through the veil of reality itself. These fearsome mages cross between the planes of existence, battling to save others or to destroy them, to fight darkness or to create it.

Magic: The Gathering Visual Dictionary illuminates the wondrous worlds they traverse, reveals their arcane lore, weapons, artifacts, and spells, and recounts their legendary exploits. Produced in close collaboration with Wizards of the Coast and featuring never before published profiles of new planes, such as Strixhaven and Kaldheim, this book is the first time MTG’s key characters and locations are showcased in one sumptuous, indispensable, and up-to-date guide to its vast and expanding Multiverse.

Dominaria United is set to be released on September 9, 2022 (September 1, 2022 for MTG Arena). Returning to the world where it all began – that spans four Standard expansions – and celebrating Magic’s 30th anniversary at the same time, this is no better time to showcase the intricate lore of MTG.

This is a huge book with 200 pages, and Amazon decided to preview several pages directly from the book. However, this also comes with big story leaks that players are not yet aware of and will likely be revealed before the book releases in December 6, 2022 that may even span to the story in The Brothers’ War.

You can check out the spoiled pages below, and you can click or tap on it to enlarge and zoom in. Remember, read at your own risk as it makes references to lore that has not officially happened yet!

The Eldrazi

Magic The Gathering The Visual Guide Amonkhet

Nicol Bolas


Liliana Vess

Chandra Nalaar


New Capenna

New Phyrexia

Jace Beleren

The Eldrazi

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