Magic World Championship XXVI 2020 Decklists


All sixteen Standard constructed decks for Magic World Championship XXVI are now revealed! This is the first major Standard tournament since the release of Theros Beyond Death and all eyes will be on what deck can break the current metagame. The tournament begins Friday, February 14 at 9 AM HST / 11 AM PST / 7 PM UTC streamed live on Twitch. Visit our tournament information hub here to see all the information in one place, including live coverage!

Magic World Championship XXVI 2020 Decklists

Player NameDeck ColorDeck NameRanking
Raphael LevyJeskai Fires09
Piotr GlogowskiJund Sacrifice11
Paolo Vitor Damo Da RosaAzorius Control01
Jean-Emmanual DeprazTemur Reclamation07
Autumn BurchettTemur Reclamation07
Sebastian PozzoMono Red Aggro05
Seth ManfieldMono Red Aggro03
Gabriel NassifJeskai Fires04
Andrea MengucciMono Red Aggro13
Marcio CarvalhoJeskai Fires02
Ondrej StraskyAzorius Control13
Javier DominguezJeskai Fires15
Eli LovemanMono Red Aggro05
Matias LeverattoTemur Reclamation15
Thoralf SeverinAzorius Control11
Chris KvartekTemur Reclamation09

Metagame Breakdown

Top Deck Archetypes

Deck ArchetypeNumber of Decks% of Decks
Temur Reclamation425%
Mono Red Aggro425%
Jeskai Fires425%
Azorius Control319%
Jund Sacrifice16%

Top Creatures

Card NameTotal #MaindeckSideboard
Bonecrusher Giant30282
Robber of the Rich24168
Brazen Borrower22220
Anax, Hardened in the Forge16160
Fervent Champion16160
Runaway Steam-Kin16160
Scorch Spitter16160
Cavalier of Flame16160
Sphinx of Foresight16160
Unchained Berserker15015

Top Noncreature Spells

Card NameTotal #MaindeckSideboard
Mystical Dispute40733
Aether Gust30426
Teferi, Time Raveler28280
Omen of the Sea25250
Scorching Dragonfire18117
Deafening Clarion16160
Fires of Invention16160
Growth Spiral16160
Wilderness Reclamation16160
Elspeth Conquers Death14104

Top Lands

Card NameTotal #MaindeckSideboard
Steam Vents32320
Fabled Passage30300
Hallowed Fountain26260
Castle Vantress20200
Stomping Ground20200
Temple of Epiphany20200
Breeding Pool16160


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5 Responses

  1. Steffen says:

    I’m curious to see Glogowski playing Jund again. He maindecks 2 Massacre Girls, 4 Agonizing Remorse, 3 Thrashing Brontodons. Also no more Casualties, which breaks his mirror. Since he’s the only Jund facing Red, Azorius and Fires, it seems like a good call to me.
    I don’t understand Liliana and Bontu (nice finisher with Mayhem devil I know), does it have to do with Reclamation somehow?

  2. ProfessorPond says:

    On one hand I really want Mengu to do well because I voted for him, but if he wins Mono Red is going to flood the ladder.
    Mono Red mirrors can get pretty mundane because the matchup is pretty heavily affected by who wins the coin toss.

  3. Matija says:

    where is Brad Nelson ? No fun without him