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MagicFest Kansas City Top 8 Decklists

MagicFest Kansas City wrapped up over the weekend – 859 players brought their best Standard decks to compete in this paper Magic tournament.

This event is relevant to Arena Standard players for decklists and analysis as the player number is large enough, and attracts competitive players.

Top 8 decks consisted of the following:

  • Winner: Esper Hero
  • 2nd: Gruul Midrange
  • Top 4: Boros Aggro
  • Top 4: Simic Nexus
  • Top 8: Bant Ramp
  • Top 8: Bant Midrange
  • Top 8: Mono Red Aggro
  • Top 8: Izzet Phoenix

Check out Channel Fireball’s text coverage here and the complete top 8 decklists here.

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