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MagicFest Lyon 2020 Standard PTQ Top 8 Decklists

MagicFests also have side events other than the Grand Prix main event. The Player’s Tour Qualifiers (PTQs) grant invitations to the big tournament and are highly competitive as well, though the field size is smaller. Below are the top 8 decklists from each of the Standard events held during MagicFest Lyon the past weekend. For decklists from the Pioneer PTQs, check out the ChannelFireball event coverage page!

Friday Standard PTQ

  • Alessandro Lippi and Samuele Estratti both played Temur Flash, with the core deck of Simic Flash splashing for Bonecrusher Giant and Ionize. They performed well here, and also in the main event where they went 11-4 and 10-5 respectively.
  • Guillaume Perbet’s 7th place deck is somewhere in between Simic Flash and Temur Reclamation. The deck performed 10-5 in the main event.
Simic Ramp by Alain Bardini - MagicFest Lyon 2020 Friday Standard PTQ 1st Place

Source: ChannelFireball

Sunday Standard PTQ

Bant Ramp by Thiago Rodrigues - MagicFest Lyon 2020 Sunday Standard PTQ 1st Place

Source: ChannelFireball



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