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MagicFest Richmond 2019 Top 8 Decklists and Metagame Breakdown

MagicFest / Grand Prix Richmond ran side by side with Mythic Championship VI and attracted 569 players to the main Standard event. This also includes players that dropped from the first day of the Mythic Championship, including the newly inducted Hall of Fame Reid Duke! Thanks to ChannelFireball for this event’s coverage.

Click here for results from Mythic Championship VI!

Top 8 Decklists

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Source: ChannelFireball

Day 2 Metagame Breakdown

122 players made the cut to the second day:

  • The breakout deck of Mythic Championship VI – Sultai Aristocrats – also made its rounds to the top tables of MagicFest Richmond.
  • The Oko decks add up to about 55% of the metagame (compared to 71% of Mythic Championship VI day 2).
  • Temur Reclamation and Azorius Control holds their position in the metagame as the decks to at least have a 50/50 chance to beat Oko decks.
  • This will be the last big tournament before potential Standard banning(s) on November 18 and all eyes will be on what cards other than Oko will be banned to make the metagame more tolerable.

Source: Twitter

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