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March of the Machine – The First Look

Just as this season’s biggest tournament is starting to wrap up, we got the first look at the final set in the Dominaria Saga – March of the Machines! Here, we’re going to see the conclusion of this epic storyline and how our heroes can overcome the insurmountable odds that is Phyrexia. We are getting some insight with the worldbuilding, some amazing art, and of course, some new cards! Let’s check it out!

Lore & Art

So this set is considered an “Event Set”, where instead of a set typically focusing on one plane, it’s focusing on an event instead – the Phyrexian invasion of the multiverse. To that end, we get a sneak peek in how this has started to affect other planes.

To make matters even more interesting, old planes are coming back and are in danger of being overtaken!

On top of that, we see all the Praetors banding together in this set to complete their multiverse takeover!

As this is an event set rather than a World set, we’re going to see the ramifications of this invasion on many planes, like Eldraine.

Finally, we get to see the emotional moments that will make this set one to remember.


Although we’re just off the release of The Brother’s War, we’re lucky enough to get some new cards to look forward to!

For this set, Wizards wanted a completely new take on Praetors, and since Sagas are such a popular card type, they opted for them to flip into Sagas!

Story cards are always excellent, and to see the moment Phyrexia starts their invasion immortalized onto a card that looks this gorgeous is so awesome.

No plane is safe from the Phyrexians, and it seems Gods aren’t safe either!

However, just as we thought Gods were safe from Phyrexians, we learn that being supposedly vaporized by The Filigree Sylexis not enough to keep Elspeth out of the fight!

Elspeth isn’t the only one who’s coming back to help with the fight, we’re getting incredible new spins on old favorites with teamups!

Two Zendikar heavyweights coming together to defend their home!


Not the pairing I expected, but I’m not complaining!

There will be additional teamups both as non-Standard legal promos and as the set gets spoiled, but we also get a first look at the Planeswalkers of the new set as well!

For this set, the planeswalkers are going to have passive abilities like they did in War of the Spark, and for Chandra, she’s working double duty as a Double Vision!

Booster Fun

Like many sets before it, there is going to be some sort of Booster Fun for this set, and this time, we have a lot of different ones! There will be non-Standard legal team ups, alternate arts on new cards, and even “Multiverses Legends”, cool cards with new arts much in the same stylings of Strixhaven’s Mystical Archives!

Alternate Arts

Multiverse Legends

Commander Promos

Buy a Box Promo

March of the Machine – The Aftermath

Finally, we also get a very little look at March of the Machines – The Aftermath. This will be functionally a mini-set that will be Standard legal featuring 50 cards sold as 5 card boosters. These will focus on important story beats, and the first one we get is the funeral of everyone’s favorite Elk.

End Step

That’s all we get for now! What card are you most excited for? Which teamup do you think we’ll see next? Let us know in Discord!

Thanks for reading!

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