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MPL/Rivals November Zendikar Rising League Weekend – Results and Standings

2020-2021 Magic Pro League season continued with a second weekend of competitive play – November Zendikar League Weekend. MPL players and Rivals League players each was scheduled to play 12 Standard best-of-three matches over the course of Saturday and Sunday within their respective leagues. In this article, you can find results and stats from the event (thanks to Twitter user Ball Lightning who provided source info).

MPL/Rivals 2020-21 Format Refresher: MPL and Rivals League play is divided into 3 splits, each related to the latest Magic set. The current one – Zendikar Rising split – consists of two League Weekends (in October and November) and a League Championship (in December). By winning matches at League Weekends and scoring high finishes in League Championships, players earn points that contribute to their final league standings. At the end of the season, 8 of the worst-performed MPL players are relegated to the Rivals League, and 12 worst-performed Rivals are knocked out of the Rivals League.

There’s also an end-of-the-season Gauntlet system, through which some additional promotion/relegation slots in MPL and Rivals League will be determined. There will be an MPL Gauntlet, Rivals Gauntlet, and a Challenger Gauntlet in 2021 that will conclude the 2020-21 season. To learn more about the 2020-21 Magic Pro League Season, check out this official explainer piece.

Also feel free to catch-up on the previous MPL/Rivals event:

MPL Standings after November Zendikar League Weekend

StandingsNameDeckPoints*Points Total*
1Rei SatoGruul Adventures415
2Paulo Vitor Damo da RosaDimir Rogues615
3Gabriel NassifGruul Adventures614
4Marcio CarvalhoGruul Adventures614
5Reid DukeGruul Adventures614
6Carlos RomaoDimir Rogues513
7Ondrej StraskyDimir Rogues613
8Raphael LevyMardu Doom Foretold613
9Andrea MengucciEsper Doom Foretold713
10Jean-Emmanuel DeprazEsper Doom Foretold713
11Seth ManfieldGruul Adventures612
12Ken YukuhiroMono Green Food812
13Autumn BurchettEsper Doom Foretold411
14Martin JuzaGruul Adventures511
15Brad NelsonGruul Adventures310
16Javier DominguezGruul Adventures310
17William JensenGruul Adventures510
18Shahar ShenharGruul Adventures610
19Chris KvartekMono Green Food710
20Piotr GlogowskiGruul Adventures79
21Lee Shi TianDimir Rogues38
22Shota YasookaJeskai Control48
23Brian Braun-DuinDimir Rogues58
24Andrew CuneoIzzet Control47

* 1 win = 1 point. ‘Points’ column – points earned in November Zendikar League Weekend, ‘Total Points’ column – points earned throughout the entirety of the MPL 2020-21 season.

Based on end-of-season results: places 1-4 – MPL 2021/22 and World Championship qualification; 5-12 – MPL Gauntlet 2021; 13-16 – Rivals Gauntlet 2021; 17-24 – relegated to Rivals League 2021/22.

MPL Archetypes Performance in November Zendikar League Weekend

For the second week, almost half of the MPL field chose what was widely agreed upon as the best deck of the format – Gruul Adventures. This unusual aggro deck that has an impressive late-game resiliency thanks to The Great Henge and Vivien, Monsters’ Advocate hasn’t dominated the weekend though in terms of results, granting less than 5 points on average to its pilots.

After Azorius Blink flopped hard in October Zendikar Weekend, MPL players decided to stay clear of that Yorion variant. However, Doom Foretold performed very well in November – to the big degree, thanks to its favorable matchup against Gruul in particular. Creature-based strategies is what Doom Foretold is very well-equipped to deal with, so both Esper and Mardu builds of the deck showed up with a decent performance.

All in all, it was a very tight weekend of league play in MPL this time around – no player or archetype were really able to break the parity and run away too much from the peloton.

ArchetypeDecksPoints TotalPoints Average
Gruul Adventures11544,9
Dimir Rogues5255
Esper Doom3186
Mono Green Food2157,5
Mardu Doom166
Jeskai Control144
Izzet Control144

Rivals League Standings after November Zendikar League Weekend

StandingsNameDeckPoints*Total Points*
1Luis Scott-VargasGruul Adventures918
2Matthew SperlingEsper Doom Foretold917
3Bernardo SantosGruul Adventures716
4Stanislav CifkaEsper Doom Foretold716
5Eli KassisDimir Rogues715
6Jacob WilsonSelesnya Blink715
7Kenji EgashiraAzorius Blink715
8Mike SigristGruul Adventures715
9Shintaro IshimuraTemur Ramp915
10Christian HauckGruul Adventures714
11Frederico BastosDimir Rogues714
12Ivan FlochDimir Rogues714
13Emma HandyEsper Doom Foretold814
14Zachary KhiineGruul Adventures814
15Chris BotelhoMardu Doom Foretold613
16Thoralf SeverinGruul Adventures613
17Yuta TakahashiGruul Adventures713
18Lucas Esper BerthoudGruul Adventures813
19Kenta HaraneGruul Adventures412
20Miguel SimoesGruul Adventures512
21Simon GoertzenFour Color Cycling512
22Yoshihiko IkawaGruul Adventures512
23Jessica EstephanEsper Doom Foretold612
24Luca MagniEsper Doom Foretold712
25Theo MoutierEsper Doom Foretold712
26Matthieu AvignonMono Green Food812
27Matthew NassSelesnya Blink311
28Riku KumagaiGruul Adventures311
29Greg OrangeDimir Rogues411
30Ma NoahMardu Doom Foretold611
31Matias LeverattoGruul Adventures611
32Ally WarfieldEsper Doom Foretold711
33Ben StarkOrzhov Doom Foretold711
34Kai BuddeGruul Adventures711
35Louis-Samuel DeltourEsper Doom Foretold711
36Corey BurkhartSelesnya Blink310
37Grzegorz KowalskiGruul Adventures610
38Brent VosMardu Doom Foretold39
39Alexander HayneGruul Adventures49
40Luis SalvattoGruul Adventures59
41Eli LovemanEsper Doom Foretold48
42Jakub TothGruul Adventures48
43Joel LarssonGruul Adventures48
44Sebastian PozzoGruul Adventures48
45Ryuzo FujieMono Green Food78
46John RolfEsper Doom Foretold47
47Beatriz GranchaGruul Adventures57
48Austin BursavichGruul Adventures57

* 1 win = 1 point. ‘Points’ column – points earned in November Zendikar League Weekend, ‘Total Points’ column – points earned throughout the entirety of the MPL 2020-21 season.

Based on end-of-season results: places 1-4 – MPL 2021/22 and World Championship qualification; 5-20 – MPL Gauntlet 2021; 21-32 – Rivals Gauntlet 2021; 33-36 – Rivals League 2021/22; 37-48 – relegated to Challenger 2021/2022.

Rivals League Archetypes Performance in November Zendikar League Weekend

Just as it was the case in MPL, Rivals meta was overflowing with Gruul Adventures, while Azorius Blink has almost vanished from existence. The only player that dared to bring the UW Yorion deck was Kenji Egashira – and in fact he did put up a solid showing with it, earning 7 points throughout the weekend.

The most prominent meta shift of the League was also in the fact that as a response to Gruul we saw many players dropping Dimir Rogues in favor of Doom Foretold variants – be it either an Esper, Mardu or even straight-up Orzhov color combination. There was a total of 14 Doom decks, which is not that far behind Gruul’s share (22). Picking this control archetype has proved to be a wise choice as it earned its pilots 6,3 wins on average during the weekend.

Interestingly enough, there was 3 different archetypes that posted a 9-win result at the end of the weekend – Gruul Adventures by Luis Scott-Vargas, Esper Doom by Matt Sperling, and also Temur Ramp by Shintaro Ishimura. It is the only Temur Ramp list that was registered between both MPL and Rivals League fields.

ArchetypeDecksPoints TotalPoints Average
Gruul Adventures221265,7
Esper Doom10666,6
Dimir Rogues4255
Mardu Doom3155
Selesnya Blink3134,3
Mono Green Food2157,5
Azorius Blink177
Orzhov Doom177
Four Color Cycling155
Temur Ramp199

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