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MPL/Rivals October Zendikar Rising League Weekend – Results and Standings

Most recent weekend we’ve had the chance to follow as the 2020-2021 Magic Pro League season took off, presenting a brand new format of ‘League Weekends’. MPL players and Rivals League competitors battled within their leagues, each scheduled to play 12 Standard best-of-three matches over the course of Saturday and Sunday. The selected matches were live-streamed at

MPL/Rivals 2020-21 Format Refresher

This year, MPL and Rivals League play is divided into 3 splits, each related to the latest Magic set. The current one – Zendikar Rising split – consists of two League Weekends (in October and November) and a League Championship (in December). By winning matches at League Weekends and scoring high finishes in League Championships players earn points that contribute to their final league standings. At the end of the season, 8 of the worst-performed MPL players are relegated to the Rivals League, and 12 worst-performed Rivals are knocked out of the Rivals League.

There’s also an end-of-the-season Gauntlet system planned, through which some additional promotion/relegation slots in MPL and Rivals League will be determined. There will be an MPL Gauntlet, Rivals Gauntlet, and a Challenger Gauntlet in 2021 to conclude the 2020-21 season. To learn more about the 2020-21 Magic Pro League Season, check out this official explainer piece.

October Zendikar Rising League Weekend

For the first League Weekend, each one of the MPL and Rival League players registered a Standard deck (inspect the decklists and metagame). Many thanks go to the Twitter user Ball Lightning, Ph.D., who tracked and recorded all of the weekend’s matches results.

MPL Standings

1Rei SatoGruul Adventures11-111
2Paulo Vitor Damo da RosaRakdos Midrange9-39
3Carlos RomaoDimir Rogues8-48
4Gabriel NassifDimir Rogues8-48
5Marcio CarvalhoDimir Rogues8-48
6Reid DukeDimir Rogues8-48
7Autumn BurchettTemur Ramp7-57
8Brad NelsonGruul Adventures7-57
9Javier DominguezAzorius Blink7-57
10Ondrej StraskyGruul Adventures7-57
11Raphael LevyJeskai Blink7-57
12Andrea MengucciEsper Doom Foretold6-66
13Jean-Emmanuel DeprazAzorius Blink6-66
14Martin JuzaGruul Adventures6-66
15Seth ManfieldDimir Rogues6-66
16Lee Shi TianDimir Rogues5-75
17William JensenDimir Rogues5-75
18Shota YasookaDimir Control4-84
19Ken YukuhiroTemur Ramp4-84
20Shahar ShenharDimir Rogues4-84
21Andrew CuneoAzorius Blink3-93
22Brian Braun-DuinAzorius Blink3-93
23Chris KvartekAzorius Blink3-93
24Piotr GlogowskiAzorius Blink2-102

Based on end-of-season results: places 1-4 – MPL 2021/22 and World Championship qualification; 5-12 – MPL Gauntlet 2021; 13-16 – Rivals Gauntlet 2021; 17-24 – relegated to Rivals League 2021/22.

Rivals Standings

1Bernardo SantosDimir Rogues9-39
2Luis Scott-VargasDimir Rogues9-39
3Stanislav CifkaDimir Rogues9-39
4Jacob WilsonSelesnya Blink8-38
5Kenji EgashiraSelesnya Adventures8-38
6Eli KassisDimir Rogues8-48
7Kenta HaraneGruul Adventures8-48
8Matthew NassSelesnya Blink8-48
9Matthew SperlingDimir Rogues8-48
10Mike SigristRakdos Midrange8-48
11Riku KumagaiGruul Adventures8-48
12Chris BotelhoMardu Doom Foretold7-47
13Christian HauckDimir Rogues7-47
14Miguel SimoesDimir Rogues7-47
15Simon GoertzenFour-Color Cycling7-47
16Thoralf SeverinDimir Rogues7-47
17Frederico BastosDimir Rogues7-57
18Ivan FlochDimir Rogues7-57
19Yoshihiko IkawaGruul Adventures7-57
20Brent VosEsper Blink6-66
21Corey BurkhartDimir Rogues6-56
22Greg OrangeAbzan Doom Foretold6-56
23Jessica EstephanTemur Ramp6-56
24Emma HandyTemur Ramp6-66
25Shintaro IshimuraRakdos Control6-66
26Theo MoutierAzorius Blink6-66
27Yuta TakahashiDimir Rogues6-66
28Zachary KhiineRakdos Midrange6-66
29Alexander HayneDimir Rogues5-75
30Luca MagniDimir Control5-75
31Lucas Esper BerthoudDimir Rogues5-75
32Ma NoahAzorius Blink5-75
33Ben StarkAbzan Doom Foretold4-74
34Jacub TothDimir Rogues4-74
35Joel LarssonBant Blink4-74
36Louis-Samuel DeltourAzorius Blink4-74
37Matias LeverattoAzorius Blink4-74
38Matthieu AvignonMono Green Aggro4-74
39Eli LovemanAzorius Blink4-84
40Grzegorz KowalskiAzorius Blink4-84
41Kai BuddeDimir Rogues4-84
42Sebastian PozzoAzorius Blink4-84
43John RolfJeskai Control3-83
44Luis SalvattoAzorius Blink2-92
45Beatriz GranchaAzorius Blink2-102
46Ally Warfield*Jeskai Control1-51
47Ryuzo FujieAzorius Blink1-111
48Austin Bursavich*

Based on end-of-season results: places 1-4 – MPL 2021/22 and World Championship qualification; 5-20 – MPL Gauntlet 2021; 21-32 – Rivals Gauntlet 2021; 33-36 – Rivals League 2021/22; 37-48 – relegated to Challenger 2021/2022.

*Remaining matches of Ally Warfield and Austin Bursavich will be re-scheduled to be played at a later date.

Archetypes Performance*

ArchetypeMPL DecksRivals DecksMPL RecordRivals RecordTotal RecordWinrate %
Dimir Rogues81652-44108-79160-12356,5
Azorius Blink61024-4836-8160-12931,7
Gruul Adventures4331-1723-1354-3064,3
Temur Ramp
Rakdos Midrange139-314-1023-1363,9

*Stats provided for the archetypes with at least 4 decks registered across MPL and Rivals League.

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