MTG Gets a Bit Wacky on April 1

While it’s certainly true that one should always take everything you read on the internet with a grain of salt, April first is the one day a year where we all have to remember that “gullible” is not, in fact, written on the ceiling – and even trusted sources of information may just be messing with us for their creator’s entertainment.

In 2022, it doesn’t seem like Wizards of the Coast is trying to pull a fast one on the community, but they did make some silly changes to MTG Arena for the April Fool in all of us. Please note that there are obviously spoilers in this article – if you just want to log in and see it for yourself, go no farther!

Visual Gag

First off, anybody who logs in to Arena today will probably notice that googly eyes have been “glued” to the front of all of the deckboxes in your collection. The same googly treatment has also been given to the player avatars, pictured below on the avatar selection screen.

The googly eyes are visible anywhere that the avatars or deckboxes would normally appear on the client, including during matches.

It’s a simple visual tweak that’s just for a laugh, but players have clearly been having fun with it – they’ve been memeing on Reddit and other social media all day:

Mixed-Up Sealed

That’s not all though: in addition to the googly eyes, Wizards also added a special April Fool’s Day event called Mixed-Up Sealed. According to the event’s description, some beebles got into MTGA’s digital warehouse and messed everything up.

In this phantom event (meaning none of the cards will remain in your collection), each player will get six packs of random cards from anywhere on MTG Arena and build 40-card sealed decks to play against each other.

The event only costs a mere 100 gold or 20 gems to enter in order to make sure that anybody who wants to participate in the fun can access it. It’s likely that this event will be over tomorrow – or at least in the next few days – so if you’re interested, make sure to jump on the client and give it a shot!

Beyond Arena

The April Foolery from Wizards of the Coast doesn’t end with MTG Arena, however. Over on their official website, the company also published an article explaining how the company always had planned two different card frames – one for righties, and one for lefties. They say that the lefty card frames never got made because of budgetary restraints. How sad.

Now though, Wizards says that they’re finally looking to correct this “mistake” with a Secret Lair drop featuring these wonky “left-handed” card frames:


This may come as a shock to you, but the “left-handed frame” and the ridiculous story behind it is, in fact, a joke. Nevertheless, the Secret Lair drop does appear to be real, and Wizards claims that it’s an actual product that will be available for purchase between April 11 and May 9. Similar to other Secret Lairs, the cards will be available in foil versions for $39.99 or non-foil for $29.99.

You can read the entire (goofy) product announcement over at Wizards’ official website, which includes a bit more detail about how to actually get your hands on the drop. That’s all we have for you for now, but remember, stay sharp out there – grain of salt, people!

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