MTGMelee Responds to Insight Debacle, Announces Strict Payout Policy

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Yesterday, we reported on the recent announcement that Insight Esports, an event organizer that held dozens of events on MTGMelee over the past year, would be dissolved in response to allegations of non-payment and other misconduct. The situation has been slowly brewing over the last month, and some users of the MTGMelee platform were upset that they hadn’t issued any kind of statement concerning the problems with Insight.

Today, August 20, MTGMelee published a brief statement, and while it doesn’t mention Insight Esports by name (instead citing “recent events”), the changes that they have announced are clearly intended to prevent a similar situation from arising in the future. The Melee team refers to the delayed payments as “unacceptable” and insist they take the issue “very seriously.”

According to the announcement, all future tournaments that require an entry fee will have to meet “hard deadlines” for player payout. Organizers who fail to meet the preestablished deadline will be suspended from the platform. Melee says that this and other policies will be implemented “shortly.” Any future announcements regarding the policy changes will be posted to the same “What’s New” page on the site.

Response to the announcement, which was published on Twitter, has been positive overall. However, some players feel the statement should have been stronger and call on the platform to address Insight Esports by name.

See below for full ongoing coverage of Insight Esports’ collapse and its fallout in the community. Updates may be made as the story continues to develop.


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