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Mythic Race January 2021 Ranked Season: Day 1 Mythic Decks

The start of the new ranked season for MTG Arena is always the most exciting one, especially as we see the high ranks on our profiles which becomes fiercely contested as the month goes on. Of course, the shorter your games are the faster you are likely to climb, but having a great knowledge of the deck and win rate also contributes greatly. If you get there fast enough, it is also a strategy to maintain your ranking with a few wins each day so that you can finish in the top 1200 of the season.

For more information regarding this month’s ranked season including schedule, rewards and qualification details, check out this article.

Without further ado, below are the list of decks that reached Mythic on the first day of the first month of the 2021 ranked season with a brief explanation on each one and how they are adapted for the current metagame. Remember, you can check out all the decks being added on a real-time basis directly on our deck section of the website also.

Gruul Adventures by ProbsProcrastinating

[sd_deck deck=”oACCRg9uV”]

Gruul Adventures is still the best deck in the format and the build has largely been settled as Embereth Shieldbreaker makes its way to the main deck with lots of viable targets in the current Standard. Embercleave, The Great Henge, Witch's Oven and Mazemind Tome, just to name a few.

Mono Green Food by Rumti

[sd_deck deck=”3oKprIssl”]

Rumti makes it 6 out of 7 months for his #1 Mythic start to the ranked season, again with Mono Green Food. Last month we saw him include the full four copies of Primal Might in the main deck, relegated for 2 Vivien, a Thrashing Brontodon and a Kogla to shore up the increasingly common Rogues matchup.

Historic Mono Red Goblins by Predi-

[sd_deck deck=”2aTvLnC5x”]

BO1 Historic Mono White Prison by Predi-

[sd_deck deck=”noVP2nqG1″]

Mythic Invitational competitor Predi has chosen Historic to climb the ladder this month, as you can’t go wrong with Goblins at the moment. It’s very fast, linear and has a one-card win condition. This build is streamlined to power out Muxus as quickly as possible with Irencrag Feat, but we have seen decks substitute that with Herald's Horn as the tech card against removal heavy decks (i.e. Sultai).

As a bonus, Mono White Prison has risen in popularity since the last Arena Open as a BO1 deck that not many decks are prepared for without a sideboard plan.

Historic Mono Red Aggro by THE_AUSIL_RELOADED

[sd_deck deck=”q596Vddgg”]

With Uro and removal spells the Mono Red Aggro deck in Historic needs to be super quick but also resilient. This creature-based version makes the best use of Burning-Tree Emissary and Embercleave as your finisher to race the opponent.

Historic Rakdos Sacrifice by samsoni1

[sd_deck deck=”L1Bm_jxBi”]

Historic Rakdos Arcanist by samsoni1

[sd_deck deck=”o-jRYaQUm”]

Historic Gruul Company by Skybilz

[sd_deck deck=”lQCUAM14I”]

BO1 Historic Selesnya Lifegain by Alcimus

[sd_deck deck=”sspzCFHU4″]

We hope you enjoyed our first Mythic race post, please leave a comment below if you want to see more! We’ll still be back with Mythic decks of the week, as usual (click here for last week’s edition). Remember to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord channel if you want to share your decks and want to keep up to date on the latest in MTG Arena.

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