New Free Promo Code: WrittenInStone

The fourth week (out of five) of the MTG Arena War of the Spark Chronicles event is now live with the new Counters in-game event.

The Elderspell has been cast. With every Planeswalkers’ death, the core of their being soars toward Bolas, fueling his ascension to godhood. Ravnicans and Planeswalkers alike must mount a new counter-attack before it’s too late.

Along with this, a new free promo code for one of the Planeswalker glass card styles has been emailed to everyone who opted in to emails on their Wizards account. A new one will be emailed each week, for a total of five free card styles.

This week’s code is WrittenInStone, for [c]Nahiri, Storm of Stone[/c]. The last two week’s code was ShieldsUp, InnerDemon and OverTheMoon, incase you missed it.

Check out our MTG Arena Codes section for other free promo codes that you may have missed so far! It will be kept up to date with any new codes being released.


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