November Zendikar Rising League Weekend – MPL and Rivals League Decklists and Metagame

2020-2021 Magic Pro League season continues with a second League Weekend. MPL players and Rivals League competitors will battle within their leagues – each player is scheduled to play 12 Standard best-of-three matches over the course of Saturday and Sunday. The selected matches will be featured at; you can also watch your favorite players stream their runs on their Twitch channels.

MPL/Rivals 2020-21 Format Refresher: MPL and Rivals League play is divided into 3 splits, each related to the latest Magic set. The current one – Zendikar Rising split – consists of two League Weekends (in October and November) and a League Championship (in December). By winning matches at League Weekends and scoring high finishes in League Championships, players earn points that contribute to their final league standings. At the end of the season, 8 of the worst-performed MPL players are relegated to the Rivals League, and 12 worst-performed Rivals are knocked out of the Rivals League.

There’s also an end-of-the-season Gauntlet system, through which some additional promotion/relegation slots in MPL and Rivals League will be determined. There will be an MPL Gauntlet, Rivals Gauntlet, and a Challenger Gauntlet in 2021 that will conclude the 2020-21 season. To learn more about the 2020-21 Magic Pro League Season, check out this official explainer piece.

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