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Post-Omnath Ban Standard Decklists from Day 1

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On Monday, October 12, Wizards of the Coast have released a much-anticipated B&R announcement, adding Omnath, Locus of Creation, Lucky Clover and Escape to the Wilds to the Standard banned list. It has opened up a ton of space in the metagame, and over the course of the last 48 hours, we have seen a huge amount of previously underrepresented decks popping up and showing impressive results. In this article we have collected such decklists, trying to represent various playstyles (aggro/midrange/control) as well as mention both fresh brews and rediscovered archetypes of old.

Below we are featuring the most prominent lists with either the best results or the ones that show off interesting ideas. For the full list of Post-Omnath decks scroll to the end of the article!


Mono Red Aggro by SavSave – #117 Mythic – Post-Omnath Ban Standard

After this recent round of bans, Embercleave remains probably as the strongest card in a ‘power vacuum’. However, unlike ramp and value engines, it can be targeted and dealt with much easier – creature removal, sweepers and even good old Negate are all efficient answers. Mono-Red Aggro aims to resolve Embercleave as quickly as possible – turn 3 or 4. As always, Anax, Hardened in the Forge is a key creature here to provide resiliency, and Phoenix of Ash is a sweet recursive threat – especially with all the incidental mill and discard running around.

Mono Green Stompy by MythicRichard – #269 Mythic – Post-Omnath Ban Standard

Often Mono-Green Stompy archetypes operate somewhere between the aggro and the midrange axis – and it is also definitely the case with this list. Stonecoil Serpent has become such a crucial part of these kinds of strategies – it can fill any slot in the curve, it is a great target for Gemrazer’s mutate ability, and it also dodges some form of interaction occasionally with protection from multicolor. Ram Through and Primal Might play out incredibly well as removal spells in this build, and The Great Henge can out-grind anything now that Omnath is gone.


Golgari Adventures by demian86 – #268 Mythic – Post-Omnath Ban Standard

Lucky Clover may have bid us farewell, but Edgewall Innkeeper is still a value engine worth to build around. Golgari Adventures have been in the spotlight during the first month of Throne of Eldraine about a year ago, but then the deck was doomed to being constantly outclassed by the bigger players of Standard. Now that grindy midrange creature-based strategies can be viable once again, it looks like Golgari Adventures are set to return in a big way. This is an archetype that has game against any kind of opponent and can operate at different paces. Sideboard is also highly customizable there – slots for interaction/disruption, over-the-top value cards, or specific creature threats – all of those can be redistributed based on what you see in the meta.

Simic Mutate by JulitoBernabe – #904 Mythic – Post-Omnath Ban Standard

Mutate keyword was introduced in Ikoria, but never really took off in any format – it was always felt underpowered and too much of an investment. But the current Standard environment seems incredibly even and balanced so far, hence it feels like the best time to commit to one last-ditch attempt of making Mutate work. JulitoBernabe’s take on the archetype puts Scute Swarm at the center of the madness – this one is an incredibly pesky threat, and the synergy with Parcelbeast and Migratory Greathorn is what really makes this idea tick.


Azorius Blink by brunzii – #131 Mythic – Post-Omnath Ban Standard

Another archetype that makes a return after almost half a year of absence. In the spring, it was Hall of Fame member Martin Juza that popularized the Thassa-based Azorius deck that generated value by constantly blinking its own permanents for various impactful ETB effects. Since then we have received even more tools to support this kind of an idea – Barrin, Tolarian Archmage, and Skyclave Apparition are among those. This even allowed Brunzii to rebuild the deck without including Thassa at all, and the build seems to show promise.

Jeskai Yorion Lukka by DoomSwitch – Post-Omnath Ban Standard

If you missed the gameplay of Omen of the Sun into Lukka, the Coppercoat Outcast, into some ridiculous late-game creature – this is your chance to revisit that experience. This 80-card Yorion build uses Dream Trawler in place of the long-banned Agent of Treachery – maybe this cheat-out is not as immediately impactful, put it feels as an equally game-winning play still.

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