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Red Bull Untapped

Red Bull Untapped International Qualifier 5 Standard Decklists and Metagame – Final Standings

890 players have enrolled for yet another event of the Red Bull Untapped series – a string of tournaments leading into the Red Bull Untapped Finals later this year. Qualifier number 5 takes place over the course of two days, with 8 rounds of Swiss play on Saturday, followed by the Top 32 single-elimination playoff on Sunday.

Day 2 VOD

Day 1 VOD

Day 1 Metagame

Sultai Ramp is still miles ahead of the pack this week, and at this point it’s a matter of fine tuning your disruption package to adapt to the metagame while keeping the core of Hydroid Krasis, Uro and Nissa intact. The usual second tier decks are present in healthy numbers with Temur Adventures looking to out-grind and Mono Green Aggro and Mono Red Aggro looking to outrace. Rakdos Sacrifice without Cauldron Familiar still seem to be doing decently, now more leaning towards making use of Kroxa and Lurrus for better longer game matchups. For more decklists, click on the archetype pages in the tables below.

Archetype# of Decks% of FieldWin Rate %
Sultai Ramp24427.4157%52.7458%
Temur Adventures788.764%45.3287%
Mono-Green Aggro596.6292%51.3514%
Mono-Red Aggro556.1798%50.6383%
Temur Elementals515.7303%51.4563%
Temur Flash505.618%54.8077%
Rakdos Sacrifice434.8315%54.6392%
Mardu Winota242.6966%47.7876%
Rakdos Knights212.3596%35.6164%
Simic Flash202.2472%52%
Izzet Aggro171.9101%44.2857%
Mono-Black Aggro151.6854%48.6111%
Orzhov Yorion131.4607%48.9796%
Dimir Tempo121.3483%47.2727%
Boros Winota121.3483%56.3636%
Gruul Aggro111.236%44.898%
Azorius Control101.1236%48.7805%
Simic Ramp91.0112%36.3636%
Mono-White Aggro91.0112%38.4615%
Temur Ramp91.0112%60.4167%

Day 2 Metagame and Conversion Rates

Top 32 Decklists

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