Red Bull Untapped International Qualifier 6 Standard Decklists and Metagame

Red Bull Untapped

1050 players have enrolled for yet another event of the Red Bull Untapped series – a string of tournaments leading into the Red Bull Untapped Finals later this year. Qualifier number 6 takes place over the course of two days, with 8 rounds of Swiss play on Saturday, followed by the Top 64 single-elimination playoff on Sunday.


Standard remains stable this week, with Sultai Ramp being the deck of choice for many competitive players. The deck has slow evolved to practically cut the “ramp” part of the deck and opting to go for a more controlling route, packing in more disruption spells and cards good in the mirror such as Narset, Parter of Veils. The metagame is relatively diverse other than that, with the usual favorites of Mono Green, Mono Red, Temur Adventures and the new Rakdos Sacrifice/Aggro taking the second tier spots as their decks get more refined. Last week’s winning deck, Izzet Spells, has seen an increased in popularity in the ladder but could not convert to a good finish in the tournament.

Archetype# of Decks% of FieldWin Rate %
Sultai Ramp25624.381%59.1607%
Mono-Green Aggro817.7143%54.4776%
Mono-Red Aggro676.381%48.5342%
Temur Adventures625.9048%47.5285%
Rakdos Sacrifice555.2381%47.6793%
Temur Flash494.6667%50.4717%
Izzet Aggro393.7143%39.726%
Temur Elementals302.8571%52.2581%
Boros Cycling222.0952%45.5446%
Sultai Flash201.9048%53.271%
Simic Flash181.7143%38.4615%
Simic Ramp171.619%44.4444%
Mono-B Aggro161.5238%39.3939%
Rakdos Aggro151.4286%47.3684%
Mardu Winota151.4286%45.0704%
Orzhov Yorion131.2381%46.7742%
Gruul Aggro121.1429%36.5385%
Temur Midrange111.0476%39.0244%
Azorius Control100.9524%48.9796%
Dimir Tempo100.9524%52.381%
Izzet Tempo100.9524%42.5%
Boros Winota80.7619%54.8387%
Dimir Control80.7619%36.8421%
Mono-Black Aggro70.6667%51.2195%
Abzan Yorion60.5714%44%

Top 64 Decklists


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