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Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier Russia

Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier Russia Decklists and Metagame

120 players have registered for the Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier Russia. After 8 rounds of Swiss, the top 8 players will be playing off on the second day of the tournament, with the winner receiving an invite to the grand finals later this year. Take a peek at how the new Core Set 2021 metagame is evolving so far.

Day 1 VOD


Temur Reclamation has mostly relinquished the top spot in the metagame to Bant Ramp to occupy 20% of the metagame in this tournament. It received numerous upgrades in Core Set 2021 – ranging from Jolrael, Mwonvuli Recluse and Scavenging Ooze, to Teferi, Master of Time and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon. Mono Green has also been a standout performer, putting 3 copies in the top 16 and the expert Rint taking the first place in the Swiss! The deck now has a critical mass of cards to be a contender in Standard, and it can have a decent fighting chance against the nemesis of creature decks – Rakdos Sacrifice.

Name# of Decks% of FieldWin%
Bant Ramp2420%54.6012%
Rakdos Sacrifice1512.5%50%
Sultai Ramp108.3333%52.3438%
Temur Reclamation108.3333%48.8372%
Mono-G Aggro75.8333%51.1905%
Mono-R Aggro65%52.0548%
Jund Sacrifice54.1667%57.7465%
Simic Flash43.3333%54.5455%
Mono-B Aggro32.5%46.1538%
Rakdos Aggro21.6667%43.4783%
Azorius Control21.6667%50%
Temur Ramp21.6667%42.8571%
Esper Control21.6667%9.0909%
Simic Ramp21.6667%50%
Mono-G Stompy21.6667%70.2703%
Boros Aggro21.6667%52%
Dimir Flash21.6667%32%
Gruul Aggro21.6667%31.8182%
Temur Elementals21.6667%53.125%
Four-color Yorion10.8333%40%
Sultai Escape10.8333%60%
Abzan Midrange10.8333%44.4444%
Bant Yorion10.8333%54.5455%
Jund Aggro10.8333%0%
Sultai Reclamation10.8333%52.6316%


Here are the top 16 decklists from the tournament after 8 rounds of Swiss on the first day. You can find all the decks from tournament using the link below also. We will update the final standings after the top 8 playoff tomorrow!

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