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Strixhaven Championship: Day One Highlights and Results

The Strixhaven Championship is finally upon us! The highly anticipated professional tournament got underway this morning on Friday, June 4, pushing us ever closer to the ’20-’21 Postseason. Today’s competition took the form of three Swiss rounds of Historic followed by four rounds of Standard, and featured most of the MPL and Rivals League members. We took a look at the metagame for both the Standard and Historic portions of the tournament earlier in the week, so be sure to check it out for details on the big picture.

One of the interesting highlights of the tournament so far has been Jeskai Mutate, an archetype that has risen from obscurity to be one of the major players in this event. The deck is combo focused, and relies on synergy to generate large amounts of mana. Casting a mutate creature such as Lore Drakkis onto a Goldspan Dragon generates two mana if the dragon stays on the field, and the deck even includes a convoluted combo that can use this interaction to generate infinite mana and infinite damage (see this write-up by Frank Karsten for more detail). Matti Kuisma (decklist posted below) raised eyebrows by going undefeated with Jeskai Mutate for the first three matches of Standard, managing an impressive 6-1 record overall in day one.

All play has finished for today, so it’s our pleasure to present the current standings as well as decklists from the top four players. Day two will mirror day one with three more Swiss rounds of Historic and four more rounds of Standard, determining the top eight players who will compete in the double-elimination finals on day three. Stay with us here on MTGA Zone for continuing coverage of the Strixhaven Championship weekend, and be sure to check out the official MTG Twitch stream for live coverage starting at 9:00am PST.

Strixhaven Day 1 Standings

RankPlayerHistoric DeckStandard DeckOverall Record
1Seth ManfieldJeskai ControlIzzet Dragons7-0
2Logan NettlesJeskai TurnsNaya Adventures7-0
3Matti KuismaIzzet PhoenixJeskai Mutate6-1
4Kai BuddeJeskai TurnsGruul Adventures6-1
5Raphael LevyJeskai TurnsGruul Adventures6-1
6Alexander HayneIzzet PhoenixMono White Aggro6-1
7Tetsushi SawadaIzzet PhoenixCycling6-1
8Antonio Del Moral LeonAzorius AurasIzzet Dragons6-1
9targetplayerMono Black AggroTemur Adventures6-1
10Brent VosJeskai TurnsSultai Ultimatum6-1
11Matt SperlingJeskai TurnsSultai Ultimatum6-1
12Sam RolphIzzet PhoenixNaya Adventures6-1
13Carlos RomaoDimir ControlDimir Rogues6-1
14Paulo Vitor Damo da RosaJeskai TurnsSultai Ultimatum6-1
15Michael BernatIzzet PhoenixMono White Aggro6-1
16Lars LuckhauptJund FoodCycling6-1
Visit MTGmelee to view results from the whole field.

Top Day One Historic Decklists

[sd_deck deck=”Txew2cF_7″]

[sd_deck deck=”qs5-IbHHo”]

[sd_deck deck=”Op-BovBMz”]

[sd_deck deck=”K6f1nWO2i”]

Top Day One Standard Decklists

[sd_deck deck=”-kaDgc27U”]

[sd_deck deck=”UQGsDgVHF”]

[sd_deck deck=”y8-Zzl80Y”]

[sd_deck deck=”BaWn5ry5t”]

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