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The Draft Lab Podcast Episode 22: Why’d You Make That Play?

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the 22nd episode of the Draft Lab Podcast where we discuss why you do certain plays as well as common misplays we see. This one is guest starring Icky since Chris needed a week off.

We start out with a weekly update before moving into a pack one pick one.

We then start going over the whys and misplays including:

  • Attacking before removing an opposing creature.
  • When to cast an instant on an opponent’s turn.
  • Hunting for blowouts and when to just pass priority.
  • How to use the after damage, but still in combat step to your advantage.
  • How and when to use blood tokens.

We then answer listener questions including “What are your go to Holiday movies?”

Then we wrap it up with cool play of the week and “not” Chris’s bad beat.

Thanks for listening and per usual let me know if you have any questions or would like to make submissions for Cool Play of the Week.

You can find me at:

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Josh is a member of the elite limited team The Draft Lab as well as the host of The Draft Lab Podcast. He was qualifying for Pro Tours, Nationals, and Worlds literally before some of you were born. After a Magic hiatus to play poker and go to medical school, he has been dominating Arena with over an 80% win percentage in Bo3 as well as making #1 rank in Mythic.

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