The Latest MTG Arena 3.5 GB Patch Hotfixes the Missing Assets “Black Card” Issue

MTG Arena Black Cards

An update to MTG Arena should have just gone live to everyone, and all players will need to download a huge 3.5 GB hotfix to address the “black card” issue. Some players were experiencing missing game asset files, which meant that cards were not visible while playing the game. The official MTG Arena Twitter account have just posted the following regarding this issue.

Many players are currently preparing for some important tournaments this weekend, such as the Redbull Untapped International Qualifier, and the monthly MTG Arena Mythic Qualifer event. Issues such as these will need be urgently ironed out as any client crashes will lead to unavoidable game losses for affected players.

Similar problems have been highlighted in the much higher stakes events such as Mythic Championships late last year, as MTG Arena continues its push in the esports scene in 2020 amongst the current world events. Have you been experiencing problems with the client? Have you participated in any recent tournaments and ran into client issues? Let us know what you think in the comments below!



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  1. Fabiano Chagas Guerra Pereira says:

    BLACK CARDS bug still running after patches, they dont fix it at all

  2. Stijn Hommes says:

    The only issue I’ve run into is a ridiculous waste of space called an update. I have not experienced this problem. If they do this too often MTGA won’t actually fit on my system anymore.

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