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Festival: Battle Royale

Festival of Monsters: Battle Royale Event Guide

In the second week of the Festival of Monsters event, it will have us battle each other using the same preconstructed singleton deck enabled by the Omniscience Emblem. Check out the event details, rewards and what you will be playing with!

Event Information

Festival: Battle Royale

This week’s fast, loud, and dramatic Festival of Monsters preconstructed omniscience event features an oversized deck of monstrous proportions. You’ll start with three cards in your hands and you can cast all spells for free – no need for lands! Cast forth the unfettered, raw power of Ikoria’s beasts and tremble in awe and delight as you witness that battles unfold before you!

Omniscience Emblem
  • Duration: May 16, 2020 at 12:00 AM PST – May 18, 2020 at 12:00 AM PST
  • Format: Omniscience Singleton Preconstructed
  • Entry Fee: 500 Gems or 2500 Gold
  • Ends After: You can keep playing, but rewards do not go past five wins.
  • Match Structure: Best-of-one matches (BO1)

Event Rewards

  • 1 Win: Huntmaster Liger Showcase Card Style
  • 2 Wins: Archipelagore Showcase Card Style
  • 3 Wins: Insatiable Hemophage Showcase Card Style
  • 4 Wins: Porcuparrot Showcase Card Style
  • 5 Wins: Auspicious Starrix Showcase Card Style


Below is the deck that each player will be given for the event. It is a five-color singleton deck that makes use of a lot of big creatures from the Standard card pool.

[sd_deck deck=”ggGq-doLC”]

Rules and Tips

The games will of course be highly random, but there is no punishment for losing – enjoy the wacky interactions between cards that you would never have played together before! That being said, there are some changes to the rules and there will be cards that are better than others.

  • Each player starts with 30 life and 3 cards in their starting hand. Each player also gets three free mulligans.
  • The Omniscience emblem allows players to add one mana of each color to their mana pool once each turn – including your turn, and your opponents turn. You will be using this mana primarily to activate abilities, but sometimes pay additional costs that are required to cast the spell.
  • All cards in your hand cost 0. Cards with X in their mana cost is also 0 by default, and you cannot pay for it with the emblem either. The mana cost for cards that are played outside the hand (i.e. top of library, graveyard, from exile such as Adventure cards) must be paid for with the Emblem.
  • If you have played Omniscience Draft before, you will know that card draw is king and the same applies here. Take advantage of the free mulligan to find high impact cards, preferably that gives immediate value. Both Niv-Mizzets are great, as are cards like Notion Rain or Dark Bargain.

Wrapping Up

Did you encounter or make any cool plays in this event? Be sure to let us know in the comments below, and we’ll add a list in the article!

Follow us this weekend as we continue our coverage of the Redbull Untapped tournament and Mythic Qualifier to get the latest scoop on the Standard metagame – can Temur Adventures reign supreme again or will Lukka dominate?

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