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The Mythic Society MTG vs COVID-19 #3 Top 16 Historic Decklists

The Mythic Society MTG vs COVID-19

Azorius Control took down The Mythic Society’s first Historic tournament, with 58 players participating. We rarely see Historic tournaments, so this is a great snapshot at the diverse Historic metagame. We have posted the top 16 decklists for you below, and thanks to Robert Taylor (fireshoes) we have the metagame breakdown of the tournament also (click on the links to to go to the archetype page):

Remember you can always check out our Historic Metagame Tier List for a bit of insight into the variety of decks in Historic. You can see the rest of the decks as usual at MTG Melee, and check out The Mythic Society’s Twitter if you are interested in participating in these series of tournaments!

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