The Next Arena Open Format is Historic, Held on August 1st

The Arena Open Historic

MTG Arena has just announced the date and format of the next Arena Open tournament! Day one of the tournament will begin August 1 at 8 AM PT, and the format will be Historic. Further details are to be announced later when the July State of the Game is published. It is likely to follow the same structure and prize pool to the first Arena Open in May, where it is split into two days (first day being best-of-one) and the top prize being $2000 USD.

It is important to note that this will be held after the July 13 banned and restricted announcement and the release of more than 500 Jumpstart cards added to Historic on July 16. After that’s all settled, players will have about two weeks to figure out the best deck to play to win the coveted cash prize, and by then the Historic metagame may be completely changed.

This will also serve as an important stepping stone for pro players as the Mythic Invitational 2020 will be held on August 28th, which will also be Historic.

Hopefully, all these events and support will serve to reinvigorate the format that is currently dominated by Gruul Aggro and Nexus of Fate decks. As always, stay tuned as we keep you up to date with the latest decks, news and information. For now, check out our Historic resources on the website here:



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26 days ago

This will be interesting if it follows the same Day1/2 format between Bo1 and Bo3 as the ban lists are different there. Also if I remember correctly games were timed so that is not ideal with Nexus decks; so here’s hoping they ban Nexus across the board. While I am likely not going to participate it will be fun to keep tabs on considering the card pool expansion with M21 and Jumpstart and possible new bans/unbans. While MtG metas now settle at the speed of the Internet I still suspect some surprises here and as a proud netdecker I look… Read more »