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Top Mythic Standard and Historic Decks – February 2021 Ranked Season – Week 2

The second week of the February 2020 ranked season has quickly passed, and players reaching Mythic by now are already up to the % ranks. We have two major news for the week that is relevant for the competitive grinders:

  • The upcoming Arena Open and Strixhaven Qualifier Weekend Format will be Kaldheim Sealed, rather than the usual Standard or Historic. This means that players who end the season in the top 1200 ranks will have the opportunity to participate in the first limited qualifier on MTG Arena! The limited experts are finally getting their turn at showing off their skills in the bigger stage.
  • On Monday February 15th, we can expect a banned and restricted announcement from Wizards of the Coast! Uro has been confirmed to be banned in Pioneer, Modern, and Historic, which will affect the metagame significantly. However, it also looks like there may be other changes that could affect Standard as they are “still working internally on the larger B&R announcement for that week”. Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for the news!



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