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Top Mythic Standard and Historic Decks – November 2020 Season – Week 2

The second week of MTG Arena’s November Ranked season has come to a close and we are once again bringing you the round-up of the new and interesting decks that have been shaking the metagame recently. This is a weekly column, and if you have decks you want to be featured in the next edition tweet us at @mtgazone or give us a shout at our Discord.


MPL and Rivals League were competing last weekend in the November Zendikar Rising League Weekend – and that was without a doubt the most definitive event of the week that guided the evolution of the metagame. The world’s most elite players have decided on Gruul Adventures to be the best deck of this format and close to 40 percent of the metagame was rocking these unusual aggro/midrange archetype. As a consequence, Doom Foretold variants (mostly Esper and Mardu) have risen in popularity as a direct counter to Gruul and Dimir Rogues were present as well as Yorion counter itself, rounding-up this paper-rock-scissors meta.

However, there’s plenty of room outside of this three-way stand-off for other decks to shine as each one of those Tier 1 archetypes can be attacked successfully from various angles. Simic Mutate can outvalue any list with its Scute Swarm potential, Mono-Green Food is still excellent against rival creature decks thanks to Wicked Wolf and Trail of Crumbs, and Ramp decks are a menace in a meta that stops respecting them. And even more original ideas on how to attack the metagame can be found in this round-up of the decklists that recently went on 6-0 win-streaks in Ranked.


This past week MTG Arena has welcomed Kaladesh world back. Both Kaladesh and Aether Revolt were actually available on the platform sometime ago during Beta as Standard-legal sets, but now they join Historic, merged into Kaladesh Remastered. The set contains 303 cards including powerful staples like Chandra, Torch of Defiance, Aetherworks Marvel, and Bomat Courier that are bound to fit in an already powerful format and shake it significantly.

It has been just a couple of days since the release of Kaladesh Remastered, so there’s still a ton of experimentation, and not that many new archetypes have been posting consistent results so far. A few Historic lists are featured in the collection below, but please check out our Kaladesh Remastered Historic Decks from Day 1 article for more fresh brews attempted in a new Historic format.

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