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Top Mythic Strixhaven Standard Decks: April 2021 Ranked Season – Week 3

Top Mythic Strixhaven Standard Decks: April 2021 Ranked Season – Week 3

It has been one full week since the release of Strixhaven: School of Mages, but the impact of the expansion on (competitive) Standard looks to be minimal so far. We think the issue is threefold:

  1. It goes without saying that Throne of Eldraine cards are overshadowing others. It’s likely the format is not going to change much until its rotation in September, as it looks like Wizards have dialled down the power level of future sets.
  2. The cancellation of the Early Access Streamer Event, which meant that new cards could not be showcased compared to the previous sets. On the other hand, most decks that are created during this time end up being buried after the first week (as you are mostly doing your own thing against each other with minimal interaction), but at least it promoted use of new cards and propagated new ideas. Players are now less likely to risk precious Wildcards on cards that won’t be touched again.
  3. No major Standard tournaments have been held so far this week, and many Magic content creators are focusing on Historic with the shiny Mystical Archive cards. Again, new ideas look to be getting shut down by the usual contenders like Adventures, Rogues, Mono Red, and Sultai Ultimatum which received maybe one or two cards at best from the new set.

Having said that, there’s always room for innovation especially in best-of-one where you can make better use of the new Learn mechanic and Lesson cards for a bit of versatility. Here are some stand out decks from this week, followed by the complete list below in order of Mythic rank! Also be sure to check out some early Strixhaven decks below:

Jund Magecraft by uebelst4r – #170 Mythic – April 2021 Ranked Season

[sd_deck deck=”OJn-eJc6S”]

Witherbloom (or Golgari, whatever you prefer now) sacrifice-themed decks blossomed on set release, though its classic weakness lies in opponents interacting with your key creatures before you can go off. This is less of a worry in best-of-one though, and gaining some incidental life helps when you are battling against a plethora of aggro decks in the ranked ladder.

BO1 Mono White Spells (Lurrus) by AliasV – 96% Mythic – April 2021 Ranked Season

[sd_deck deck=”L_NyvN3q7″]

Here’s another best-of-one deck which is relatively budget-friendly. Clever Lumimancer is a powerful turn one play that can snowball into a lot of damage very quickly. In this deck, you are attempting to protect and pump your creatures to swing for lethal (ideally in a single turn) – similar to the Historic Auras deck.

Temur Lands (Keruga) by Chagama – Mythic Rank – April 2021 Ranked Season

[sd_deck deck=”FFoOCFci5″]

This ramp deck makes use of one Strixhaven card (Field Trip), and its goal is to do nothing but ramp into a lot of lands. Your lowest costing card is Bonecrusher Giant’s Stomp, so your best chance is probably being on the play against a slower deck and hoping your opponent can’t interact with your creatures and spells.

Top Mythic Strixhaven Standard Decks: April 2021 Ranked Season – Week 3

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