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Zendikar Rising Previews

Zendikar Rising Card Previews Begin September 1: Key Dates, Official Teaser and Preorder Patch

We are almost at coming to the release of the latest Magic: The Gathering expansion Zendikar Rising and the long awaited Standard rotation. We have some key dates and information for you to keep an eye on the next few weeks leading up to its release!

Zendikar Rising Key Dates

Below are the summary of dates that we know so far, but please see below for more information regarding the card previews.

August Game update*
September 1Card Previews begin*
September 17MTG Arena release date
September 18 to September 24Tabletop prerelease
September 25Tabletop release date Game Update

This Thursday will mark exactly three weeks until the release of Zendikar Rising, which is usually when the beginning of the set preview season coincides. MTG Arena will be undergoing scheduled maintenance to deploy the game update and if it is consistent with the previous patch numbers, we should see the preorders for Zendikar Rising become available. This means that we may see the two main Planeswalker cards that are included in the bundles (unless things are changed up for Zendikar Rising)…

Official Teaser

The teaser video for Zendikar Rising, with the voice possibly depicting Nahiri has just been launched and we may see the expansion officially debut on September 1, 8 AM PT at As stated before, we may see things before this date because of the potential preorder patch but Mark Rosewater in his article today asks us to “Join me next week for the start of Zendikar Rising previews.”, so we will have to find out how things are rolled out from here.

More Zendikar Rising News

Over the past few weeks, we’ve had Zendikar Rising information trickling in. Be sure to check out the articles below:

One card has been leaked by an unknown source.

The first sneak peek by Mark Rosewater gave us some titbits of information, as well as some product images, artwork and the reveal of the new Set Booster.

Nissa could be returning to Zendikar in Golgari colors.

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