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Zendikar Rising Championship – Best Standard Decks

Today the Zendikar Rising Championship concludes with the Top 8 bracket that will be played with Historic decks exclusively. The Standard portion of the tournament is over – it consisted of 8 rounds of play during the Swiss part.

In this article you will find the Standard decklists of the top 32 players. Note that their final rankings in the tournament combine their records from 8 rounds of Standard AND 7 rounds of Historic.

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Be sure to inspect Top 8 decklists before the playoff action resumes later today, and visit Zendikar Rising Championship page on MTGMelee for more stats.

ArchetypeNo. of Decks in Top 32No. of Decks Total
Gruul Adventures1144
Mono-Green Food532
Dimir Rogues831
Temur Ramp122
Dimir Control219
Esper Doom417
Naya Winota12

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