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Generic Wizards of the Coast Image Patch Notes

The latest patch to MTG Arena updates the Standard 2020 event reward structure and confirmation of the deadline of the Core Set Mastery.



Updated Event Structure: 3 Wins or 2 Losses

Updated Rewards:

  • 1 Win: 50 XP
  • 2 Wins: 150 XP
  • 3 Wins: 250 XP

Developer Notes: We hope these changes make the event feel a little less “grindy”. Now, you can lose a game or two and still earn Mastery XP, and the event runs a little bit longer so you don’t have to rejoin it as often. As before, both the Standard 2020 and Standard 2020 Ranked events have no entry fee and you can play them as often as you like until September 26 (at 4 a.m. PT to be precise).



The Core Set 2020 set mastery will end on September 26th, 2019 at 4 a.m. PT (11:00 UTC). Once that deadline has passed, players will be unable to earn any additional Mastery rewards or XP until Throne of Eldraine is available on MTG Arena (ETA: later that day). During this window:

  • Weekly Wins will be unavailable*
  • Daily Quests will not reward XP*
  • The Core Set 2020 Mastery Pass will be removed from the store
  • Players will no longer be able to purchase Core Set 2020 Mastery levels
  • Players will be unable to spend any earned Core Set 2020 Mastery orbs

*Weekly Wins and Daily Quests will reset with the release of Throne of Eldraine (Weekly Wins will be set to 0/15 and all players will have three quests to complete).

Once the Eldraine Set Mastery begins, players will be able to redeem any remaining Core Set 2020 Mastery orbs they previously earned on the Core Set 2020 Mastery tree; you will not be able to spend Core Set 2020 Mastery orbs to complete the Eldraine Set Mastery tree. No other Core Set 2020 Mastery rewards will be earnable once this deadline has passed.

Known Issue

  • Players who purchase the Mastery Pass after reaching Level 100 will not receive the Level 100 rewards (Exquisite Chandra Sleeve, 1x Mastery Orb). Affected players will automatically receive the items in a future update; there is no need to contact support. Players still receive all other Mastery Pass rewards for Levels 1-99.
    • This also affects players who purchase the Mastery Pass with +10 Level bundle if doing so would put them at Level 100 (i.e. you purchase the Mastery Pass and +10 Level bundle after reaching Level 90).
    • It does not affect players who reach Level 100 after purchasing the Mastery Pass.
    • It also does not affectplayers who purchase XP Boosts to reach Level 100.

Source: SEP 17 – Patch Notes


  • Gameplay buttons should no longer display incorrect text.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented sideboarding during best-of-three Direct Challenge matches.

Source: SEP 9 – Game Update


Players cannot interact with quests objectives, daily wins, and/or Mastery progression while on the Home page. This includes hovering the objective to see the rewards, clicking to re-roll quests, and/or seeing the amount of XP needed to reach the next Mastery Level.


Restarting the client should fix this issue.

Source: SEP 9 – Known Issue: Quest/Daily Wins Mouseover

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