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The latest patch for MTG Arena is now live, with the major bug fix being some players not able to access the in-game store. The Kaladesh Inventions card style bundle had been taken down shortly after its release, and according to the patch notes it will be back up soon.

As communicated earlier this week, Traditional Draft Kaladesh Remastered has also been extended for another week.


  • Addressed an issue where Ornithopters using the Kaladesh Inventions card style were not displaying correctly in decks.
    • … Related, we’ll be re-enabling the Kaladesh Inventions Style Bundle shortly.
  • Fixed issues that prevented some players from being able to reach the in-game store.


  • Due to player interest, Kaladesh Remastered Traditional Draft has been extended an additional week.

Source: NOV 19 – Patch Notes

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