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Traditional Draft Kaladesh Remastered

Traditional Draft Kaladesh Remastered Extended Until November 27

The Traditional (best-of-three) draft event for Kaladesh Remastered has been extended until Friday, November 27 at 8 AM PST (16:00 UTC). The event was originally scheduled to last for only a week after its release due to concerns of not enough demand, after not offered the choice for Amonkhet Remastered. Players have expressed enough desire on public channels and so far it looks like the MTG Arena development team has been convinced by the data that there will be enough players to fill the draft pods and have a sufficient matchmaking queue.

On a related note, the Historic Brawl Fest is coming on November 20 for one week also, which Wizards of the Coast will also gauge for demand. Hopefully this will eventually grant players a permanent Historic Brawl queue similar to what we have for (regular) Brawl, which came after several months of back and fourth with once a week Brawl queues and paid Brawl events with negligible rewards.

Here is the official statement from Lee Sharpe, Product Owner for Live Content on MTG Arena:

We know many of our players are passionate about traditional play with best-of-three-game matches and matchmaking that isn’t based on rank, and that’s why we always leave a traditional draft option up for the latest Standard-legal set.

With Historic-only sets, we were unsure if the demand would be there to support traditional draft. We didn’t run it for Amonkhet Remastered, but for Kaladesh Remastered decided as an experiment to run it for a week and see how much interest there was.

And fans of traditional draft for Kaladesh Remastered turned up! The interest was good enough that we’ve decided to extent the event roughly one week to close to new entries on Friday, November 27 at 8am Pacific time (1600 UTC) with the deadline to begin matches in outstanding courses 3 hours later. We’re always looking at our data and figuring out how we can improve our schedule and offering for players, and this was another example of that happening.

We have scheduled the deployment to make this change for Wednesday, November 17 at 9am Pacific (1700 UTC). Prior to this deployment, you may see the event show a countdown timer to the originally scheduled end date. You can safely ignore it, as the extension of the event with the deployment will remove the timer until it’s time to countdown to the new end date.


Remember, you can view all of MTG Arena’s known event schedule on our calendar.

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