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2021.12.0 Patch Notes – Alchemy Game Update

The full patch notes for the MTG Arena Alchemy: Innistrad game update has been released! This patch brings a new format called Alchemy, along with 11 rebalanced and 63 brand new cards, bug fixes, and the new playblade update. For more information, follow the links below:

Upon logging in, all players should have received the new rebalanced versions of the cards they own, three Alchemy: Innistrad booster packs, and seven rare (or better) Alchemy: Innistrad individual card rewards. Be sure to enter the free “Welcome to Alchemy!” event, for more free packs and some Mastery XP!

For further information about the update and upcoming events, read this week’s announcement and this month’s State of the Game, and remember to report any issues directly to Wizards of the Coast Support:

Patch Notes – 2021.12.0

Game Update Highlights

  • Added the Alchemy format, with new queues, decklist filters, and more
  • Added support for rebalanced cards in Alchemy, Historic, and other Live formats
  • New playblade! It’s now much easier to find the match or event you are looking for
  • Completing your fourth color in the Color Challenge now awards five tokens for entry into Jump In

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent players from gaining full rewards & rank progress in best-of-three games where the opponent concedes during sideboarding
  • Fixed an issue where the Scry messaging was showing up when players Surveiled.
  • Fixed an issue where token copies of Brutal Cathar, who never technically transform, were still exiling creatures when day/night cycled.

Alchemy and Rebalanced Cards

  • Whenever you collect either the normal (or rebalanced) version of a card with a rebalanced version, you will also be granted the rebalanced (or normal) version.
  • Whenever new rebalanced cards are added, players will be granted a number of the rebalanced version equal to their count of the original card
  • When playing in a format with rebalanced cards, hangers that show a named card show the rebalanced version.
  • If you’re playing in a format with rebalanced cards, you can just name the card, and don’t need to use the “A-” at the beginning.
  • Improved deck import to automatically assign decks to the Alchemy format when they have Alchemy-only cards
  • All digital-only cards on Arena now have a small Arena logo in the space where the holofoil stamp normally is on a printed card
  • Added new Alchemy filters in the deckbuilder to look at cards from Alchemy: Innistrad and the rebalanced cards
  • Seek, Draft, and several other digital-only mechanics have VFX now
  • There are now VFX when a thing gets a perpetual change! It’s purple, like the perpetual colors.
  • Keyword icons on permanents gained perpetually will be purple to reflect the source of the ability.

Gameplay – All Platforms

  • Duplicate non-redundant abilities (think “This spell costs 1 less to cast.”) now stack, with an indicator for how many times they’ve been applied, like “This spell costs 1 less to cast. (x3)”.
  • If a card will be discarded at the end of your turn, it has special VFX on the border to indicate as much.
  • Cards like Consider and Titans' Nest now use a Surveil style browser.
  • The hanger we show for modified typelines uses appropriate colors (blue for modified, purple for perpetually modified).
  • Creatures that were damaged this turn don’t stack with creatures that still have damage marked from previous turns, in case you have cards that care about creatures damaged this turn.
  • Tokens that aren’t explicitly named now have an implicit “token” in their name. This means you can no longer name “Goblin Wizard” and have that matter for Goblin Wizard tokens. I don’t think anyone ever did that, but you could have, and now you can’t.
  • The Momir card pool now only draws from primary cards (no more card styles in Momir) and, if two versions of a card exists, will choose the rebalanced version.
  • Jump In will now be prioritized in the event billboards if you have a Jump In token in your collection.
  • Season End Rankings display is now consistent with the Profile screen.
  • Added Increase/Decrease buttons to Crafting on 4×3 devices.

Upcoming MTG Arena Events

Additional events added to MTG Arena. Read the MTG Arena Weekly Announcements to learn more!


Now Available

Alchemy has arrived! Get all-new Alchemy boosters, as well as depth art styles, a special Holiday pet, and more!


Alchemist Bundle

  • 20x Innistrad Alchemy Boosters

Cost: 3,000 Gems or 15,000 Gold

Oko Reloaded Bundle

Cost: 1,650 Gems or 8,250 Gold

Holiday Fox Bundle

  • Holiday Fox Pet
  • Holiday Fox Sleeve

Cost: 3,000 Gems or 15,000 Gold

Secret Lair: PixelSnowLands.jpg

  • Snow-Covered Plains (pixel art)
  • Snow-Covered Island (pixel art)
  • Snow-Covered Swamp (pixel art)
  • Snow-Covered Mountain (pixel art)
  • Snow-Covered Forest (pixel art)

Cost: 2,500 Gems or 12,500 Gold

Heroes and Horrors

Cost: 1,900 Gems or 9,500 Gold

Death and Divination

Cost: 1,900 Gems or 9,500 Gold

Torment and Trickery

Cost: 1,900 Gems or 9.500 Gold

Card Styles

Now available for purchase through the Deckbuilder:

Depth Art:

Captain Eberhart
Ethereal Escort
Oglor, Devoted Assistant
Geist of Regret
Gutmorn, Pactbound Servant
Puppet Raiser
Rahilda, Wanted Cutthroat
Tibalt, Wicked Tormentor
Ishkanah, Broodmother
Garruk, Wrath of the Wilds
Sigardian Evangel
Expedition Supplier
Angel of Eternal Dawn
Inquisitor Captain
Suntail Squadron
Slayer’s Bounty
Divine Purge
Clone Crafter
Tireless Angler
Obsessive Collector
Sinister Reflections
Absorb Energy
Unexpected Conversion
Discover the Formula
Veteran Ghoulcaller
Citystalker Connoisseur
Predatory Sludge
Patient Zero
Assemble from Parts
Sap Vitality
Sanguine Brushstroke
Frenzied Geistblaster
Arms Scavenger
Toralf’s Disciple
Bloodrage Alpha
Town-razer Tyrant
Electrostatic Blast
Conductive Current
Antique Collector
Grizzled Huntmaster
Hinterland Chef
Lupine Harbingers
Geistpack Alpha
Hollowhenge Wrangler
Ravenous Pursuit
Gitrog, Horror of Zhava
Begin Anew
Wickerwing Effigy
Key to the Archive
Ominous Traveler
Forsaken Crossroads
Angel of Unity
Faithful Disciple
Rimewall Protector
Kindred Denial
Cursebound Witch
Break Expectations
Fearsome Whelp
Brittle Blast
Tenacious Pup
Settle the Wilds
Soulstealer Axe
Rahilda, Feral Outlaw
Katilda, Dawnhart Martyr
Geralf, Visionary Stitcher
Bloodvial Purveyor
Olivia’s Attendants
Ulvenwald Oddity

Bug Fixes


  • When receiving a lot of items, clicking “More” will show you additional items of rewards instead of dismissing the prompt.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented already collected items in store bundles from being properly dimmed out
  • Fixed a bug that could cause cards to visually duplicate themselves in the deckbuilder styles browser
  • Fixed a bug where the Japanese rotation info was linking to old information
  • Fixed a bug where the “wildcard wheels” in the pack opening screen lost their tooltips


  • Creatures cast for their evoke cost, then phased out, were being sacrificed while phased out. That no longer happens.
  • Fixed a bug where casting a copy of a spell for its Overload cost with God Eternal Kefnet wasn’t changing “target” to “each”. What was this deck? What were you doing?
  • Fixed an issue where using Chromatic Sphere to pay the activation cost of Ormos, The Archive Keeper, was causing a crash.
  • On Nightbound Legendaries, if it was night, the card in hand wasn’t showing the Legendary Warning, even though it would ETB on the Night side. Now they do.
  • Post transformation Ludevic no longer pulls out exiled cards on mouse over.
  • Having 64 or more Unnatural Growths in play was allowing people to overflow the P/T of creatures. Well, you can’t do that anymore.
  • Enduring Angel now behaves correctly in scenarios where lifelink damage would prevent the owner’s life total from dropping below 0.
  • Fixed a bug where the damaged indicator did not sort properly with the power & toughness box on cards with the VOW Fang style
  • Fixed a bug where the Boast icon was upside down
  • Fixed a bug that could cause token copies of planeswalkers with depth art that have been turned into creatures to show squished art
  • Fixed an issue where having identical stacks of attackers and defenders could result in some of the intention arrows not displaying.
  • Permanents now only have the Controller hanger if they aren’t on their controller’s side of the battlefield.
  • When you mouse over food to sacrifice it, the message that pops up is back to being contextual instead of just saying “Activate Ability”
  • Fixed an issue where temporary permanents (Magic the Gathering, folks!) weren’t displaying the modified border to indicate that they would be sacrificed or exiled at the end of the turn.
  • Abilities from cards using Toho or Dracula styles weren’t using the vanity naming. Now they do!

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