Core Set 2020 Limited Tier List

Use the below chart to help you prioritize your picks in draft and help build your sealed deck for Core Set 2020. Ranking explanation is below the table.

ColorGreat (A)Good (B)Above Average (C)Average (D)Below Average (E)Bad (F)
WhiteAjani, Strength of the Pride
Cavalier of Dawn
Sephara, Sky’s Blade
Hanged Executioner
Loxodon Lifechanter
Ancestral Blade
Angel of Vitality
Gods Willing
Herald of the Sun
Master Splicer
Raise the Alarm
Steadfast Sentry
Aerial Assault
Apostle of Purifying Light
Battalion Foot Soldier
Dawning Angel
Fencing Ace
Griffin Sentinel
Griffin Protector
Inspiring Captain
Loyal Pegasus
Planar Cleansing
Squad Captain
Angelic Gift
Bishop of Wings
Brought Back
Daybreak Chaplain
Devout Decree
Eternal Isolation
Gauntlets of Light
Glaring Aegis
Inspired Charge
Moment of Heroism
Moorland Inquisitor
Starfield Mystic
Leyline of Sanctity
Rule of Law
Yoked Ox
BlueAgent of Treachery
Cavalier of Gales
Atemsis, All-Seeing
Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer
Drawn from Dreams
Dungeon Geists
Air Elemental
Boreal Elemental
Cloudkin Seer
Leyline of Anticipation
Scholar of the Ages
Spectral Sailor
Warden of Evos Isle
Yarok’s Wavecrasher
Bone to Ash
Brineborn Cutthroat
Captivating Gyre
Frilled Sea Serpent
Frost Lynx
Hard Cover
Metropolis Sprite
Masterful Replication
Sleep Paralysis
Winged Words
Aether Gust
Cerulean Drake
Faerie Miscreant
Flood of Tears
Moat Piranhas
Renowned Weaponsmith
Sage’s Row Denizen
Zephyr Charge
Fortress Crab
Portal of Sanctuary
Tale’s End
Cavalier of NightDread Presence
Knight of the Ebon Legion
Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord
Agonizing Syphon
Audacious Thief
Bloodsoaked Altar
Bloodthirsty Aerialist
Boneclad Necromancer
Gorging Vulture
Sorin, Imperious Bloodlord
Barony Vampire
Blood for Bones
Blood Burglar
Bone Splinters
Epicure of Blood
Fathom Fleet Cutthroat
Feral Abomination
Gruesome Scourger
Rotting Regisaur
Sorcerer of the Fang
Soul Salvage
Vampire of the Dire Moon
Vengeful Warchief
Vilis, Broker of Blood
Embodiment of Agonies
Legion’s End
Mind Rot
Noxious Grasp
Sanitarium Skeleton
Undead Servant
Unholy Indenture
Yarok’s Fenlurker
Leyline of the Void
Scheming Symmetry
Thought Distortion
Cavalier of Flame
Chandra, Awakened Inferno
Drakuseth, Maw of Flames
Chandra, Acolyte of Flame
Marauding Raptor
Chandra, Novice Pyromancer
Chandra’s Outrage
Flame Sweep
Glint-Horn Buccaneer
Mask of Immolation
Rapacious Dragon
Reduce to Ashes
Scampering Scorcher
Chandra’s Embercat
Chandra’s Spitfire
Daggersail Aeronaut
Destructive Digger
Ember Hauler
Fire Elemental
Goblin Bird-Grabber
Goblin Smuggler
Keldon Raider
Lavakin Brawler
Pack Mastiff
Ripscale Predator
Thunderkin Awakener
Uncaged Fury
Unchained Berserker
Act of Treason
Dragon Mage
Goblin Ringleader
Maniacal Rage
Reckless Air Strike
Scorch Spitter
Chandra’s Regulator
Leyline of Combustion
Repeated Reverberation
Tectonic Rift
Cavalier of Thorns
Vivien, Arkbow Ranger
Gargos, Vicious Watcher
Nightpack Ambusher
Shifting Ceratops
Voracious Hydra
Barkhide Troll
Howling Giant
Leafkin Druid
Overgrowth Elemental
Rabid Bite
Season of Growth
Silverback Shaman
Thicket Crasher
Thrashing Brontodon
Wolfrider’s Saddle
Brightwood Tracker
Centaur Courser
Elvish Reclaimer
Feral Invocation
Ferocious Pup
Greenwood Sentinel
Loaming Shaman
Mammoth Spider
Might of the Masses
Netcaster Spider
Sedge Scorpion
Shared Summons
Wakeroot Elemental
Wolfkin Bond
Woodland Champion
Gift of Paradise
Growth Cycle
Pulse of Murasa
Veil of Summer
Healer of the Glade
Leyline of Abundance
Natural End
Risen Reef
Tomebound Lich
Corpse Knight
Creeping Trailblazer
Empyrean Eagle
Ironroot Warlord
Lightning Stormkin
Moldervine Reclamation
Ogre Siegebreaker
Omnath, Locus of the Roil
Skyknight Vanguard
Yarok, the Desecrated
Kykar, Wind’s Fury Kaalia, Zenith Seeker
Kethis, the Hidden Hand
Bag of Holding
Meteor Golem
Golos, Tireless Pilgrim
Steel Overseer
Anvilwrought Raptor
Colossus Hammer
Diamond Knight
Icon of Ancestry
Marauder’s Axe
Pattern Matcher
Salvager of Ruin
Vial of Dragonfire
Heart-Piercer Bow
Manifold Key
Mystic Forge
Retributive Wand
Stone Golem
Diviner’s Lockbox
Grafdigger’s Cage
Temple of Epiphany
Temple of Malady
Temple of Mystery
Temple of Silence
Temple of Triumph
Bloodfell Caves
Blossoming Sands
Cryptic Caves
Dismal Backwater
Evolving Wilds
Jungle Hollow
Rugged Highlands
Scoured Barrens
Swiftwater Cliffs
Thornwood Falls
Tranquil Cove
Wind-Scarred Crag
Lotus FieldField of the Dead

Ranking System

  • Great (A): Cards that can win games on its own – also known as “bombs”.
  • Good (B): Powerful cards that can be first picked.
  • Above Average (C): Cards above the power level of most cards in the set.
  • Average (D): These cards will likely be the core support of your deck.
  • Below Average (E): Cards that are below the power level of the other cards, but can be either used as a filler card. Cards that are situational but can be least as a solid sideboard card is in this category also.
  • Bad (F): Cards not too great for the limited environment, or too situational to be in your main deck. There is no reason to play these cards unless you really need that last card to fill your deck.

Core Set 2020 Limited Guides

Disclaimer and Notes

  • The tier list can be changed at any time without notice – please see changelog below for explanations of the changes.
  • The tier list is not to be blindly followed for the best draft deck – it is just a general recommendation. Please use best judgement to consider your mana curve, the colors that you are in, and what colors are being passed to you by the bots.


  • July 8 2019: Tier list revised.
  • July 1 2019: Preliminary tier list added before release of Core Set 2020.


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