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Deck Submissions Now Open

Hello everyone! Until we get our own deck builder up and running (coming soon™) as a temporary measure we would love to welcome everybody to submit and feature their decks and MTG Arena Zone. Currently, our primary form of collecting public, curated decklists is through Twitter as people share their Mythic status, flawless event records or even just some creative brews.

This form will hopefully help us collect as much decklists as possible – the sheer amount of 7 win decks shared in the Standard Metagame Challenge and in preparation for some big events such as the upcoming Arena Open we would love to see how this goes.

Use the button below to go to the deck submission form:

You can always find the link under the “Decks” section in the menu.

Some important notes:

  • You must be logged in and registered. For now, each deck will require manual approval and may take up to 24 hours before it shows up on the website.
  • We encourage you to include as much information as you can – whether it be a sideboard guide, how to play the deck, gameplay videos from your YouTube channel, proof of the deck’s success, and so on. You can add your own deck archetypes as well.
  • Any decks that we cannot classify in our existing methods or without sufficient information will be stored as a Community deck and will be displayed separately.
  • For now, you cannot edit your existing decks. You can submit a new one.

We want to regularly feature the best decks and writeups on the website also, so we want to see what our community can offer. We’ve already had a few decks that people have submitted:

We’ll be working on making this process more smooth for everyone, but if anyone has any feedback or would like to give us a hand, please contact us at our Discord server!

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MTG Arena Zone Premium
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