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Red Bull Untapped International Qualifier 2 Decklists and Metagame – Final Standings

1310 players have registered for Red Bull Untapped Online Qualifier 2. After 8 rounds of Swiss, top 64 players have advanced to play in the second day of the tournament for a single elimination playoff!


Temur Reclamation remains on top of the meta – even in the environment where everyone goes hard on tuning their deck to improve this particular matchup. It has dominated the competition with 56,6% overall win rate. Wilderness Reclamation plus Expansion/Explosion – with a sideboard plan of Nightpack Ambusher – is still the best way to go about things in Standard.

Some of the players opted to bring a Four-Color Reclamation deck to beat the dreaded Temur matchup. This deck plays Teferi, Time Raveler – specifically to shut down opposing instant-speed plans. The deck performed well enough and served it’s role as a counter, scoring a 53% win rate.

Mono Green Stompy has solidified its status of the premium aggressive deck in Standard with an impressive 55,2% win rate. It has a good matchup into both Temur Rec and Ramp decks thanks to the strong aggressive creature curve, reliable mana and the resilience to sweepers in form of Heroic Intervention.

Meanwhile, two-color aggro decks keep suffering through the lacking mana-bases of this format. With shock-lands being the only ‘fast lands’ in Standard, the likes of Gruul Aggro and Boros ‘Pawblade’ Aggro just can’t show enough consistency behind their gameplan. Both ended up disappointing with around 45% win rate.

Two undefeated Sultai Ramp and Bant Ramp lists share the top spot in rankings after 8 rounds of Swiss, piloted by Danila Chursin and Mani Davoudi respectively. However, on average these archetypes have performed not that well against the field. These are the decks that require the most careful approach when tuning – there’s an edge to be gained by the most prepared and skilled deckbuilders.

Archetype# of Decks% of FieldPointsWin%
Bant Ramp20415.5725%139752.3965%
Temur Reclamation17813.5878%140856.6143%
Mono-G Aggro15111.5267%121055.1512%
Sultai Ramp1219.2366%81751.5552%
Rakdos Sacrifice1017.7099%85954.76%
Mono-R Aggro775.8779%53051.1338%
Jund Sacrifice624.7328%49454.0184%
Mono-B Aggro433.2824%31850.5837%
Azorius Control392.9771%29648.7552%
Simic Ramp322.4427%21149.3333%
Gruul Aggro312.3664%19246.988%
Simic Flash272.0611%19653.5117%
Temur Adventures181.374%12451.4851%
Mono-W Aggro130.9924%4838.9831%
Orzhov Yorion130.9924%6645.6522%
Boros Aggro110.8397%5445.283%
Four-color Planeswalkers110.8397%7346.7742%
4-Color Reclamation100.7634%9253.9063%
Esper Control90.687%5745.1327%
Temur Elementals90.687%8449.2537%


Here are the top 64 decklists from the tournament, sorted by their highest placing.

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