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SCG Tour Online Championship Qualifier #3 Decklists and Metagame

For well over a decade, Star City Games has continually sought to provide fans with the highest quality tabletop Magic: The Gathering event experiences possible. Now, we are looking to do the same for everyone who enjoys playing the game on its premier digital platform!

The SCG Tour Online is a new tournament series played on Magic: The Gathering Arena, in which players from around the world will compete for Star City Games store credit and cash prizes! All SCG Tour Online events will be administered by our Star City Games Organized Play team using MTGMelee’s top-rated online event software.

149 players have been invited to participate in the second week of SCG Tour Online Season One Championship Qualifiers. Players who participated in the daily challenge events throughout the week were eligible to participate based on the number of points, and as such the many of the top players were in the event. Check out the VOD, metagame and the top 16 decks of the event!



Name# of Decks% of FieldWin %
Bant Ramp3221.4765%53.2258%
Temur Reclamation2919.4631%60.6205%
Mono-G Aggro1912.7517%53.2646%
Jund Sacrifice1510.0671%51.3274%
Simic Ramp96.0403%51.1811%
Sultai Ramp64.0268%44.7368%
Rakdos Sacrifice64.0268%56%
Mono-R Aggro53.3557%50.6173%
4-Color Reclamation53.3557%55.5556%
Mono-B Aggro42.6846%43.6364%
Gruul Aggro32.0134%45.8333%
Azorius Control32.0134%47.2222%
Orzhov Yorion21.3423%42.3077%


Here are the final standings and the top 16 decklists from the tournament after 8 rounds of Swiss and a top 8 cut off. You can find all the decks from tournament using the link below, if you wish to delve even deeper.

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